Police called to apartment of Kettering woman found stabbed to death in dumpster

New information shows that Kettering police were called twice in December to the apartment of a woman whose body was found Saturday in a dumpster.

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However, no one answered the door to Sierra Woodfork’s Aberdeen Avenue apartment. That’s where she lived with her boyfriend Terrel Ross, who is accused of stabbing her to death Jan 12, six days before she was found by a dumpster diver.

Reema Jaber, who said Woodfork was her good friend of three years, said Woodfork told her that Ross was beating her and that she was a hostage in her own apartment.

Kettering police said that both times someone called them to “disturbances” in December 2019 to the apartment, Woodfork refused to come to the door or to make a report.

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Ross appeared Wednesday for his arraignment in Kettering Municipal Court. He was told he had the right to remain silent, but appeared ready to ignore that advice.

“Your honor may I say something?” he asked.

“You may.”

“would it be all right for us to not go through all this process? Can I just, can I just?”

The judge did not let him continue.

“You need to talk, you need to speak with your lawyer as I’ve just informed you, sir.”

Ross is facing eight charges, including murder and abuse of a corpse.

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“It hurts me and it’s disgusting mostly,” Jaber said what happened to her friend.

That police found blood throughout the apartment was not surprising to Jaber, who called Woodfork a fighter.

“Everyone that really, truly knows Sierra would know that that day, she was most likely fighting for her life,” she said.

Now, she would like Woodfork’s death avenged.

“I would like the death sentence, the most horrible one you could give him or to rot in jail if that can’t happen,” she said.

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