Preble sheriff warns on telephone scam in Ohio

A new telephone scam in Ohio has prompted the Preble County Sheriff's Office to issue a warning Friday and ask residents to alert authorities if they believe they've received any suspicious calls.

According to Sheriff Mike Simpson, the scam works this way:

  • A caller will identify himself or herself as a deputy sheriff from a particular county, and tell the resident there is an arrest warrant on the resident for failing to appear in court.
  • The caller tells the resident the issue can be taken care of only by posting bond by telephone and cannot be satisfied in person at court.
  • The caller convinces the resident to provide credit card information and funds are immediately deducted.

Simpson said that under no circumstances would a sheriff's office or law enforcement agency contact anyone by phone and demand payment using a credit card.

He said sheriffs throughout Ohio are warning residents to not provide any information to a caller asking for credit card information.

Simpson is asking you to report any suspicious phone calls to your local sheriff's office or law enforcement agency.