Report: Springfield stabbing suspect swallows two razor blades in jail

The Springfield man accused of slicing his wife’s throat earlier this year swallowed two razor blades wrapped in bologna while in jail, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy’s report says the jail learned Raymond Roberts swallowed the blades when Roberts’ family notified them Sunday evening.

The report says Roberts was on recreational time when one of the deputies asked him for his razors.

“He was (hesitant) at first, but went back to his cell to get him,” the report continues, “He came out of his cell clinching what was later identified as broken razor parts and handed me the razor parts. When asked (where) the razor blades were, Mr. Roberts stated that he had swallowed them.”

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Roberts admitted he wrapped the razors in bologna and swallowed them when he took the razors out for use around 7:30 p.m, according to the report.

Clark County Jail Administrator Lt. Michael Young said that Roberts was transported to an area hospital where he had surgery, but he was expected to return to to the jail Monday afternoon.

Young said based on an individual’s situation, inmates are permitted to take out one razor daily for hygiene use — but they are supposed to turn them back in when finished. The razors are then inspected for tampering.

The incident report says Roberts swallowed two blades. Young says the discrepancy in the number of blades is something he’ll be investigating.

He said there were no warning signs leading up the incident suggesting Roberts would harm himself.

“There were no indicators that that was a concern, and if there was — then we would’ve definitely taken the precautions,” he said. “He’s had razors that have been issued to him recently. He shaved and conducted himself in the manner that we’d ask and expect.”

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Young said Roberts was being housed in a segregation unit when he swallowed the razor blades. When Young spoke with Roberts family, they indicated to him that prior to the incident, Roberts was concerned about being moved back into a general population unit because of problems he was having there.

Roberts is accused of slicing his wife’s throat back in late September on Quwood Road in Clark County.

After the incident, his wife drove her vehicle to Mayberry’s Mini Mart on U-S 68 where Roberts allegedly rammed her car. He fled from that scene, authorities said, and a nationwide manhunt was conducted for him.

Two days later, Roberts was arrested when an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper spotted the car he was driving.

He is charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.

The Clark County Prosecutor’s Office has said they will pursue an attempted murder charge in the case.

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