Scam warning: 2 males posing as Fairfield city employees enter woman’s home to check her ‘power’ service

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Two males posing as Fairfield city employees entered an older woman’s home in order to “check her power” in a possible scam, which is prompting new warnings from Fairfield police.

The Fairfield Police Department said they were not city employees.

Once inside the residence, police report they “disappeared for a minute before the resident demanded that they leave.”

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The woman argued with the males before they finally left the home, police said.

Police are advising residents to always ask for identification before allowing anyone to their home.

“It’s OK to ask questions,” the department said. “If you cannot verify who they are, don’t let them in. If they refuse to leave, call the police department at 513-829-8201 and we will be happy to escort them from your property.”

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