‘She didn’t deserve this’: Friend of Springfield man’s second homicide victim asks for justice

A friend of a woman who was killed in Springfield says she hopes the man behind the slaying never hurts anyone else.

Prentiss Hare, 37, pleaded guilty to aggravated murder in the death of Tiffany Chambers this week. It is his second murder conviction. He was previously found guilty of choking 35-year-old Deshun Lumford to death.

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“I’m glad that he pled guilty,” said Melissa Story, a high school friend of Tiffany Chambers. “This guy obviously has a violent history and I hope that he is put away for a long time. It’s where he needs to be.”

Story was friends with Chambers in high school, aand they stayed in touch over social media, she said.

“She was a very sweet girl,” Story said. “She had friends in all groups of people. She was just a really well-rounded girl.”

Story became concerned for Chambers about two years ago, when she disappeared.

“She just dropped off,” Story said. “Nobody heard anything from her. We didn’t know what was going on with her. People were asking questions.”

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Chambers, who lived in Jacksonville, was found dead in Greene County. It was almost a year after her slaying, officials said.

It was shocking to her friends and family when it was announced that Chambers’ remains were found in Ohio, Story said.

“She’d been missing for awhile and to know she was there all alone for such a long time was really sad,” Story said. “She didn’t deserve this.”

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