Sheriffs call for black sashes in wake of Sonny Kim’s death

Sheriff’s offices around the state, including here in the Miami Valley, will be wearing a black sash over their badges this week as a show of support for Cincinnati police following the shooting death of one of their officers.

Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly and Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer sent out memos today regarding the slaying of Cincinnati Officer Sonny Kim.

“As a show of support for our Sisters and Brothers in Cincinnati, all members of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office shall wear a Mourning Sash on our Badges Until sundown on Friday,” Kelly’s message reads.

Sheriff Fischer also sent a message to his officers: “To the family of Officer Kim, we pray for comfort and offer our condolences. Sheriffs across the state are encouraged to show our solidarity with the Cincinnati Police Division in their loss and pay our respects to Officer Kim by wearing the mourning sash in Officer Kim’s memory.”

A long procession of law enforcement is expected to travel south on I-75 Friday to attend Sonny Kim’s funeral service.