Simpson accepts plea agreement

Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist Jamie Simpson on Tuesday afternoon accepted the terms of a plea agreement offered by the Xenia city prosecutor after a car crash.

Simpson, 44, was hospitalized and cited for misdemeanor OVI after the single-vehicle crash on Nov. 13, 2014. Simpson’s car went through an intersection, crashed through a fence and struck a tree after veering off East Spring Valley Paintersville Road at U.S. 68. No one else was in the car or injured.

According to toxicology results listed in the crash report, Simpson’s blood-alcohol level was .228.

The terms of the agreement in Xenia Municipal Court calls for the higher-tier OVI charge to change to what Judge Michael Murry called a “regular OVI,” and a charge related to going through a stop sign was dismissed.

Murry sentenced Simpson to 180 days in jail, suspending all but three days on the condition Simpson has no similar violation in the next five years and that he completes a term of probation of two years. The judge gave Simpson credit for three days in jail because Simpson said he voluntarily went to a 30-day outpatient treatment facility and will continue follow-up treatment.

Simpson also was ordered to pay $475 in fines, court costs and he must get a drug and alcohol assessment and report to the court’s probation department by Jan. 28. In addition, his driver’s license was suspended for a year, backdated to Nov. 13.

Simpson remains on leave.

To our Viewers:

WHIO has and will continue to report on any new developments in this story. We know that you understand that the station cannot legally reveal information regarding the health or employment status of any employee. We are able to tell you that Jamie’s status has not changed - he remains on leave. We understand our viewers’ interest in this story and the desire for more information when it becomes available.

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