Springboro board member’s children face charges after school-roof post

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Springboro board member?€™s sons face charges after school-roof video

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Two sons of Springboro school board member Lisa Babb are charged with criminal trespassing after one of them used Snapchat to post a video of them and a friend on the high-school roof, according to police reports.

The elder son, Jacob Babb, 18, is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on July 10 in Springboro Mayor’s Court, a court official said Monday.

The younger son, 16, has been referred for diversion in the juvenile court system, according to court records and a juvenile court official.

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They were charged after police learned of a video posted by the elder Babb in which he identified all three of them and said they were on the school roof on Friday, June 7, according to an incident report.

“As a parent, I am disappointed in my children’s decisions to climb on the high school roof and post videos on social media. As a parent, I’m glad there was no ill intent, vandalism, inciting panic, slander, libel, or bullying. My children will have consequences for their actions. I expect those consequences given by the school to be proportionate to their poor choices,” Lisa Babb said in a statement.

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There was no damage to school facilities, Principal Kyle Martin reportedly told police.

The Babb brothers, and the juvenile friend, were charged after school officials were consulted on whether to handle it internally or bring charges. The friend’s case has also been referred for diversion in juvenile court.

Lisa Babb, when contacted by police, said she was aware of the situation, according to a police report, and provided officers a phone number for Jacob. The younger son was on a church mission trip when the incident was discovered.