Springboro teacher’s son, accused with her of drug charges, completes in-patient program

The son of a Springboro teacher facing drug charges stemming from an undercover investigation in early 2017 has completed an inpatient program and will be released today from detention in Lebanon, according to court records.

The boy, 16, was sentenced to complete the program at Maryhaven Youth Center in December 2017 after pleading no contest to trafficking in drugs and possession of controlled substances.

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On Wednesday, Judge Joe Kirby ruled the boy “is on course to successfully complete the residential component of the program” and terminated the in-patient placement, effective today, according to a court filing.

Kirby ordered the boy to remain on house arrest, attend substance-abuse counseling and comply with previous orders, including completing community service. The boy is also expected to continue to pay off fines and costs and submit to random drug screening while on probation.

Kirby’s sentence in the case is on appeal to the 12th District Court of Appeals in Middletown.

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On May 18, Kirby denied lawyer Kevin Hughes’ motion to set aside the decision while the appeal is pending. Hughes said he would continue to pursue the appeal in hopes of shortening the boy’s time on probation and eliminating a suspended sentence in state detention if he violates probation.

Hughes said the boy comes out of the program “a different kid.”

The boy’s mother, Amy Panzeca, 49, is to return to court on June 22 for a hearing on motions involving “missing videotapes” and other claims her lawyer has made in urging the judge to dismiss her case.

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Panzeca, a teacher for more than 20 years at Five Points Elementary in Clearcreek Twp., is on leave while facing allegations that she allowed her home to become the local “party house” and assisted her son in purchasing drugs using the on-line currency bitcoin.

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