UPDATE: 73-year-old Springfield woman’s car found after man begging for money stole it at Kroger

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Man begging for money steals Springfield woman??€™s car at Kroger

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

UPDATE @ 9:43 a.m. 

The family of the of the 73-year-old woman who was robbed in a Kroger parking lot says the woman’s car was found last night.

The car was found “trashed [really] bad” on North Belmont Avenue, the family said. A family member told this news organization that the car had a bad smell, but they’re thankful it didn’t appear to be wrecked.

Police are still looking for the suspect in the case.

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Police say you should be on the lookout for the Toyota Camry with the license plate FVH 2494 and a white male described as between 5 feet 6 and 5 feet 8 tall with a slim build in connection with a robbery investigation.

The suspect was last seen wearing a dark colored jacket and camouflage pants.

Police are investigating a Tuesday afternoon robbery where a 73-year-old woman’s vehicle was stolen.

Authorities were called to Kroger on Bechtle Avenue at around 4 p.m. There, they met the woman who said she was approached by a man begging for $2. The woman said she believes the same man then assaulted her and stole her gray 2012 Toyota Camry.

“After refusing to give the male any money (the woman) advised she turned her back to the male and attempted to get into her running vehicle with no luck,” the report says. “(She) stated she was then struck in the back of the head/back by an unknown object or the male’s fist stunning her. (The woman) stated the male then pulled her back and then onto the ground violently by her coat/clothing she was wearing.”

The man then entered the vehicle and drove off, the report says. Officers searched the area but were unable to find the car, the report says.


Officers were able to speak with witnesses at the scene who said they saw the suspect enter the vehicle and flee.

“(The woman) was visibly shaken up and complained of lower back/neck pain from being struck by the suspect,” the report says witnesses told police.

Along with the car, the suspect stole hundreds of dollars worth of valuables from the woman, the report says. Those items include a purse, six to seven credit or debit cards, about $200, a checkbook, her iPhone and her groceries.

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Her family attempted to use an iPhone tracker to locate the suspect, the report says, but it appeared the phone had been turned off.

Authorities were contacted later Tuesday and alerted that one of the Visa cards had been used to make a purchase of about $200 at Rite Aid on South Limestone Street.