Suspect in mother’s deadly stabbing has lengthy past of crime, drug abuse

The man police say is a suspect in his mother’s stabbing death has a lengthy criminal past.

Taylor Wesley Walter, 27, has a history of violent behavior and drug abuse, and his uncle tried to warn police he believed Walter would try to harm his mother.

The last time Donna Walter spoke to police about her son was Feb. 12, the day she was found by her friend after she had been stabbed to death at her home in the 13000 block of Brookville Pyrmont Road in Perry Twp.

Earlier that morning, Perry Twp. Police Chief Tim Littleton arrived at the house to talk to Donna Walter.

A police report shows she told police her son had stolen her car, threatened her and pushed her. She told police she wanted her son to be arrested and put in jail.

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That was not the first time she reported similar behavior from her son.

A public records request shows that police responded to the Walter home eight times — all to deal with Taylor Walter, who was arrested during four of those visits.

One of those arrests came just two and a half weeks before Donna Walter’s death.

A report shows police arrested Taylor Walter for stealing his mom’s car, and when they searched it they found a syringe.

In early January police went to the home on Brookville Pyrmont Road because Donna Walter said her son was stealing from the house.

On Dec. 19, 2019, police were at the house to speak with Donna Walter’s brother. He said he was concerned Taylor Walter would hurt his mother.

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Police arrested Taylor Walter in November and August for domestic violence.

And the month prior, a report shows Donna Walter found her son unconscious. He said he had used methamphetamine and fentanyl.

Taylor Walter has not been charged in his mother’s death, but  he remains in the Montgomery County Jail for another case.

Police and prosecutors say they are still investigating.

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