Suspects tie up 2 Middletown women, steal video game system

Police were called to an apartment on Aaron Drive, and when they arrived, they found two women in the parking lot with large zip ties around their wrists, according to the police report.

One woman told police that someone knocked on her apartment door and when she answered, she was greeted by a black male with tattoos on his face. The man was about 6-foot-2 with a thin build and was wearing a ball cap and a white shirt.

He pointed a gun at her face, forced his way into the apartment and tied up the woman’s hands and feet and put a sheet over her head, according to the police report. The suspect told the woman if she moved, he would kill her.

Another man then entered the apartment, she told police, and the two suspects rummaged through her apartment. The suspects asked the woman about her brother, she told police.

The suspects took the woman’s cell phone and sent one of her friends a text message, asking her to come over to the apartment. When she entered the apartment, she was grabbed by the man with the gun, the report said. He put a pillow case over her head as well, she told police.

After the suspects left, the women freed themselves and called police. Anyone with information is asked to call Middletown police at 513-425-7700.