Thieves go to elaborate lengths to steal copper from Dayton construction site

Thieves go to elaborate lengths to steal copper wire from a Dayton Metro Library branch construction site.

Police were called Monday morning to 21 Watervliet Ave., where the construction site foreman said new copper, copper scrap and other items of value were stolen from a locked storage room over the weekend, according to a Dayton police report.

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To get to the storage room, the thieves had to scale a 6-foot chain-link fence that surrounds the building under construction.

The door to the storage room was secured with a thick chain and lock. Also, a construction lift, with the key removed, was placed in front of it, the foreman told police.

When the foreman arrived for work Monday, the lift was moved, and it appeared a grinder was used to cut the chain, the report stated.

The foreman told police it was the second time copper was stolen, and that security workers are expected to guard the construction site in the future.

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