There have been clown sightings in numerous states now including Ohio. So is it a real threat or is it just the fun of the Halloween season?

Third clown sighting reported in Dayton area

Update@6:30 p.m.:

A person dressed as a clown was sighted in multiple locations on the Wilminton College campus Wednesday night prompted the note below to students from the administration Thursday.

“You may be aware of the so-called “creepy clown” phenomenon that is sweeping the country in which reports of persons dressed as clowns have chased or otherwise frightened persons. Last night, there was a report that a person (or persons) dressed as a clown was sighted at various locations in Wilmington and on our campus. Campus Safety and Wilmington Police investigated the reports. Apparently, in reaction to hearing these reports, a WC student latter paraded through a residence hall in a non-menacing manner dressed as a clown. Often fads feed upon the interest generated in media reports from elsewhere and the immediacy of social media can fuel intensive interest and copycat reactions. The College believes there is no imminent threat as a result of last night’s incident, however, as always, it recommends that students adhere to normal safety precautions like locking doors and not being out alone at night.”

The note continued, “While last night’s incident in the residence hall may have been inherently non-threatening, the campus community should be aware that acts of menacing and inducing panic are incidents the Wilmington Police Dept. takes seriously as crimes against citizens.”

First report:

Franklin police responded to an apartment complex in the 100 block of Skokiaan Drive after a woman reported being chased by a clown.

“We want to discourage people from scaring people that they don’t know,” said Franklin Police Chief Russ Whitman. “It’s childish and could be dangerous for everyone involved.”

The report came shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday and the woman was not injured.

Officers did check the area and did not locate the suspect, police said.

The woman told our reporters that she felt as though she was about to be robbed by the suspected clown.

Whitman said if a clown or suspicious person charges at someone that person is able to defend themselves.

“That person has a right to protect themselves from that perceived danger,” Whitman said “You come towards me or my family and I’m going to make sure that that threat no longer exists.”

The report comes on the heels of two other reports of clown sightings in the Miami Valley, including reports in Greenville and Brookville.

“Anytime there is a trend, we are going to take note of it and be prepared,” said Franklin Police Chief Russ Whitman.

The Brookville Police Department recently had a call from a group of children reporting a clown running around in the local woods near their home. The police walked a short distance into the woods, looking for a potential suspect, but only found Halloween masks.

Early Tuesday a man in Greenville reported he was chased down by two people dressed as clowns with white painted faces.

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The victim in the Greenville incident reported having been hit in the neck and side by the suspects, and the baseball bat he was carrying was allegedly stolen, police said.

Darke County Sheriff Toby Spencer took to his personal Facebook page to post a message to potential clown suspects. His message said in part, “For you that think it’s funny to dress up as a clown, scare drivers on dark roadways … as of today we have issued 6,125 CCW permits in Darke County alone … you might also ask yourself how your luck will be today.”


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