Colin Messler pleaded guilty Aug. 28 in county Common Pleas Court to felony theft, forgery and receiving stolen property. MIAMI COUNTY JAIL/CONTRIBUTED.

Troy man sent to prison. Judge says treatment just ‘interrupting his lifestyle’

Colin Messler pleaded guilty Aug. 28 in Miami County Common Pleas Court to felony theft, forgery and receiving stolen property.

He was charged with grand theft involving the car and a check stolen from a relative this spring. An employee of the Erwin vehicle dealerships of Troy told sheriff’s detectives Messler provided the check and a person Messler had him call to verify the check said he approved of the purchase. The check did not clear, and the owner said the account was closed.

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Messler also was charged with receiving stolen property and forgery for stealing a Bradford area man’s credit card and using it for a series of purchases totaling more than $500.

Defense lawyer Jon Paul Rion asked Judge Christopher Gee to consider a proposal by Messler’s family to send him to Montana for participation in a ranch-setting treatment program.

Messler said he took full responsibility for his actions and said his past lifestyle “is not the life I want anymore.”

Janna Parker, an assistant county prosecutor, said Messler’s criminal history, multiple victims, failure to complete previous supervision requirements and the fact he was on probation when these crimes were committed pointed to the need for prison time.

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The proposed treatment program would remain an option following prison release, she said, adding, “What comes first are consequences.”

Gee said Messler had successfully completed the Monday treatment program in Montgomery County in 2015, but had compiled multiple violations of supervision since first appearing in his court in 2015.

“It just appears Mr. Messler, quite frankly, treated community control like it was a somewhat annoying interruption in his lifestyle,” Gee said. “I don’t know what the answer is … This is a very challenging situation.”

Gee told Messler he was fortunate to have strong family support, something not often seen in the courtroom. “You have cast it off … consistently,” the judge said.

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Messler was sentenced to a year in prison and given credit for 52 days served in the county jail. He was ordered to pay court costs and $2,557 restitution to the Erwin dealership for expenses associated with the towing and repairs to the Mustang.