UPDATE: 2 teens arrested after alleged attempted shooting, truck strike outside Springfield school

Two males aged 14 and 16 were arrested on Monday after a man told police the younger teen tried to shoot him during a deal to buy a phone and the man hit that teen with his vehicle.

Officers were dispatched at about 3 p.m to Fulton Elementary School in reference to a boy being struck by a vehicle, according to Springfield police report.

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“On arrival, I observed a black male laying on the ground and a gun lying in the middle of the parking lot,” the report said. “Then I parked my patrol vehicle, and a male came running up to my passenger side of my patrol vehicle.”

The report said the man told officers he had met two teenagers in a parking lot at the school to buy a phone.

“(The man) advised he called his friend and the phone did work,” the report says. “(The man) stated he got into his glove box where he had $500 and when he pulled it out (the 14-year-old) pulled out a silver handgun. (The man) stated (the teen) advised he was going to shoot him and then heard a click from the gun trigger being pulled. (The man) advised once they realized the gun didn’t fire they took off running west towards the side of Fulton Elementary.”

Officers later found that the gun did have a live round in the chamber, which was stuck, the report said.

After the gun failed to fire, the 14-year-old fled, and the victim struck him with his truck, according to the report.

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“(The man) stated (the teen) was running but turned around and that’s when he ran his truck over a curb and hit (the 14-year-old) with the front of his vehicle,” the report says. “(The man) stated he then got out of the vehicle and kicked the gun out of (the teen’s) hand.”

Police said they searched the teen before medics treated him and found suspected drugs on him, including marijuana and a white powder substance.

The teen told police he didn’t remember what happened, other than being hit by a vehicle.

Officers then attempted to make contact with the 16-year-old, and met with the teen’s father.

The 16-year-old surrendered to police and told them that his friend had been hit by a vehicle. He denied doing anything wrong, according to the report.

“(The 16-year-old) denied the whole incident,” the report says.

While being booked, the teen told police that he knew his friend had a gun but didn’t think he still was in possession of it, the report said.

The 14-year-old was booked in on charges of attempted murder, aggravated robbery, possession of a deadly weapon in a school zone, and count of trafficking in cocaine. The 16-year-old was charged with complicity to attempted murder, complicity to aggravated robbery and complicity to possession of a deadly weapon in a school zone, according to a police report.

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