Victim’s family sues for accused shooter’s medical records

Muhammad Shabazz Ali

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Muhammad Shabazz Ali

The man accused of killing three people was taken to Grandview hospital and released prior to the incident.

The administrator of one of three people allegedly killed by Muhammad Shabazz Ali is suing to get access to medical records to find out why Ali was released from Grandview Medical Center the day police said he killed Jasper Taylor and two others.

Police say Ali, 61, who served 20 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter when he was known as Robert Ford Jr., shot to death Taylor, 74, Tammy Cox, 53, and Michael Cox, 25, on Aug. 10 at 35 Oxford Ave. in Dayton.

Ali went to Day-Mont Behavioral Health Care earlier that day and was throwing chairs and repeatedly yelling, "I want my medication!" according to 911 calls from the facility. Police took Ali to Grandview, where he was later released.

The complaint in action for discovery filed in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court alleges that defendants “negligently released Muhammad Shabazz Ali from custody prematurely when he was highly agitated and requesting medication.

“As a result, Ali went home and murdered Jasper Taylor, as well as two others. Plaintiff has requested the medical records of Muhammad Shabazz Ali and this request has been denied. Accordingly, Plaintiff brings this instant action to discover, among other things, the medical records, and treatment contained therein, kept for Muhammad Shabazz Ali.”

Two interrogatories are listed in the complaint. One asks for the names and titles of each physician, psychologist, therapist or other medical professional that may have treated Ali. The second asks for the names of those present the day Ali came into Good Samaritan and Day-Mont and was sent home instead of being held.

Police sources said they took Ali to Grandview Medical Center for a mental evaluation and that he was released a few hours later.

At 3:15 p.m. that day, Ali returned to Day-Mont carrying a handgun 10 minutes after police said Ali killed three people. Police apprehended Ali as he entered Day-Mont.

The complain also requests a host of medical records and all video documentation from April 10, 2016 that depicts Ali.

The civil complaint’s plaintiff is Michael Taylor, who is represented by attorney Michael Wright. The complaint names Ali, Grandview and Day-Mont as defendants.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Ali, who is charged with 28 counts including 10 murder charges. The case has not yet been presented to a grand jury.

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