West Chester woman, 60, scammed out of $70,000 on dating website

A 60-year-old West Chester Twp. woman was duped out of $70,000 by a scammer on a dating website, according to a police report.

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The woman was communicating on an online dating site and developed a relationship with someone who convinced her they were in trouble and needed $70,000.

The woman sent the money and then discovered it was a sham, according to township spokeswoman Barb Wilson.

Detectives traced the transaction to a Nigerian IP address and reached out to the dating website “Our Time” to let them know about the incident, Wilson said.

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She said the website was already displaying warnings, but detectives reinforced the precaution.

“There’s not a lot of further follow-up they can do,” Wilson said. “But West Chester police did reach out to the dating site to report it and provided the IP address of the person she was communicating with and made sure the site does include some cautionary warnings for those who participate.”

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