Woman with parrot perched on face arrested after throwing inhaler

Janice McCoy-Nuttle, of the 900 block of Beech Street, was laying in a bed surrounded by as many as seven Chihuahaus and 10 cages filled with birds.

Police report a white parrot was standing on her forehead at the time, biting her face, while another smaller bird was perched on her chest. She was reportedly intoxicated to the point where she could not stand up and speak to officers and was unable to remove the bird from her face.

Police were dispatched to the residence for a reported domestic disturbance between McCoy-Nuttle, her husband and some neighbors. The couple had reportedly been out celebrating the husband's homecoming after a four-month stint away from home for work.

Officers spoke with her husband, who appeared to be bleeding from the ear at the time. He gave officers several conflicting stories regarding his injury, ranging from McCoy-Nuttle pulling on his ear to injuring it while he was getting out of a vehicle.

McCoy-Nuttle became upset with her husband at some point and attempted to throw an inhaler at him, nearly striking an officer in the process, police said. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to the Middletown City Jail, where police report she was increasingly uncooperative and threatened to kill herself.