WPAFB engineer accused of false statements about ‘romantic liaisons’

A Wright-Patterson Air Force Base engineer has been federally indicted on three counts of making a false statement or document, according to an indictment.

Michael Volf Ol lied about romantic liaisons with two foreign nationals, according to a criminal indictment filed in Dayton’s U.S. District Court.

The first two counts allege Ol made a false statement on a Questionnaire for National Security Positions.

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The question asked if he had any close or continuing contact with a foreign national within the previous seven years with whom either he, his spouse or cohabitant were bound by affection, influence, common interests and/or obligations. He denied any such connection, the indictment shows.

The indictment said that statement was false because Ol “knew he had a romantic liaison with a foreign national” known to the grand jury as “E.K.” on various dates between Oct. 14-21 near the resort town of Biarritz, France, and from Dec. 17-26 in the U.S. states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Virginia.

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An online example of the 127-page form states that falsifying a material fact is a felony that can result in up to five years in prison.

“Federal agencies generally fire, do not grant a security clearance, or disqualify individuals who have materially and deliberately falsified these forms, and this remains a part of the permanent record for future placements.”

The third count against Ol alleges he made a false statement to a Special Agent of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations during a foreign travel debriefing.

Ol allegedly denied that he had any relationship with a foreign national, which the indictment said was false since he “engaged in a romantic liaison” known as “K.S.” near Tallinn, Estonia, from April 23-May 2, 2016.

A WPAFB spokesman declined to provide information regarding Ol, who is identified in a July 2004 edition of Signal magazine as an aerospace engineer working at the Air Force Research Laboratory working on unmanned aerial vehicles.

WPAFB officials referred this organization to the prosecutor’s office in the Southern District of Ohio. A spokeswoman for the attorney’s office said she would contact the base about the request.

The assistant U.S. attorney prosecuting the case did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

Another Air Force employee, Zachary Sizemore, who was accused of selling night vision goggles and other military equipment on eBay, is being prosecuted in the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn.

Court records show that the case is stayed until Feb. 6, “given the reasonable likelihood that ongoing plea negotiations will result in a disposition of this case without trial.”

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