Dayton Chief: Suspect refuses to drop weapon, 5 officers open fire

Five officers shot at a suspect after several complaints of the suspect shooting in the air and threatening to shoot someone, Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said.

The suspect, identified as Derrick Wolf by Dayton officers, was given numerous commands to drop his weapon. Wolf pointed his weapon at officers and five officers shot at Wolf and disarmed him. Wolf was taken by medic to a local hospital and is recovering after surgery. He is in critical condition, Biehl said, and may need more medical attention.

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The first two calls were a woman concerned that someone was potentially breaking into her house and she was concerned as she heard someone yelling about shooting someone.

Police recovered over 3,800 rounds of ammunition from Wolf’s house.

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Police played the 911 calls and an edited version of police radio traffic as Chief Richard Biehl explained the encounter and response by his officers. They also played some video clips from the area, including cameras from residential properties nearby. One clip included audio in which Dayton officers repeatedly tell the man to drop the weapon before gunfire is heard. The man had a 30-round magazine that was recovered with the weapon.

The case is still under investigation by the Dayton Police Department.

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