Drivers ‘risk your life’ with traffic, conditions on Miami Twp. road

Road conditions and vehicles using a Miami Twp. route have residents and officials seeking changes to curb the danger.

Motorists using Crains Run Road – less than a mile from the Austin Boulevard/I-75 interchange — can “risk your life when you pull out there,” said resident Kathleen Couch.

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Longtime Crains Run resident Michael Wilds said he has been “run off the road” on certain parts of the “very curvy” route that’s “not a real wide.” Wilds said the “shape of the asphalt is getting very bad. It beats you up and down like a roller coaster.”

Wilds and Couch were among several residents voicing concerns to Miami Twp. trustees Tuesday night about conditions on Crains Run.

“I live on one of those curves,” he said. “I’ve had three cars in my ditch over the years that turned upside down.”

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The road is not equipped to handle semis and other large trucks that consistently use it, Wilds and board of trustees Vice President Doug Barry said.

“Because of the width of that road,” Barry said, “it’s really hard for a truck of that size to stay within the white lines on the side of the road and the yellow lines in the middle of the road.”

The township does not have the same authority as cities when it comes to limiting vehicle traffic, Barry said. Meanwhile, police said they have cited drivers for not staying in their lane.

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Barry said the township will continue to work to resolve the issue.

“It’s an ongoing battle that we’ve been dealing with,” he said. “But I’m sure it’s one that we’re going to be able to take care of.”

News Center 7’s Sean Cudahy contributed to this report.

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