10 best school supplies for your child's teacher

Though you may have carefully planned out and purchased all the items your kids need for class, sometimes teachers need a little help with school supplies, too.

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Elementary and middle school teachers will agree that the most needed supplies are consumable, meaning that they will get used up throughout the course of the year, according to lifestyles blog My Sister's Suitcase.

If you really want to help out your child's new teacher - and make a great first impression - pick up a few of these top 10 school supplies teachers need in class.

Hand sanitizer - Kids and germs go hand-in-hand, but you can help cut down on classroom illnesses by providing your child's teacher with a nice supply of hand sanitizer.

Facial tissues - There's never a shortage of runny noses and boogers in class, but sometimes there's a shortage of facial tissues. Buy your child's teacher a box or two.

Classroom rewards - Every child loves to receive a small reward for answering a question correctly or for good behavior. Ensure that each child gets his just desserts by purchasing items like stickers, erasers and small toys that the teacher can dole out.

Construction paper - Set your child's teacher up with a few additional packs of construction paper, which kids seem to go through at lightning speed.

Ziploc bags - These handy plastic bags will allow your child's teacher to organize learning station materials and send home half-completed projects without losing any pieces.

Glue - Of all the classroom materials that kids work with, glue sticks seem to get used the most. Every teacher needs more glue sticks, no matter how many they already have.

Crayons and markers - Although some schools will provide classrooms with a supply of crayons and markers, teacher inevitably need more throughout the year.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

No. 2 pencils - Always needed for handwriting, test taking and worksheets, and always in short supply.

Snacks - Help stock your child's classroom with a few handy snacks that the teacher can offer students during the day. Pretzels and crackers are popular, but always check with your child's school first to make sure that snacks are allowed.

Printer paper - Schools often provide teachers with a certain amount of printer paper, but with all the printing that goes on these days, teachers can always use more.

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