Eight ducklings rescued from sewer drain near restaurant

A mama duck at a Fairfield Twp. restaurant’s drive-thru alerted a Butler County employee that a rescue was needed — fast.

Butler County Dog Warden Supervisor Kurt Merbs said the employee was at Chick-Fil-A at Bridgewater Falls on Monday morning for breakfast and was greeted by the duck very close to traffic. Ducklings could also be heard quacking, he said.

Merbs and Deputy Dog Warden Jen Schwaller located eight ducklings trapped in a sewer drain.

“We were able to get all eight out,” Merbs said.

They reunited the babies with their waiting mother, but the smallest was just too weak to keep up as the duck family waddled away, he said.

That duckling was taken to a local wildlife rescuer for care, Merbs said.

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