Election 2020: Ohio Supreme Court candidates debate issues

Voters will pick two justices for the Ohio Supreme Court this fall and the outcome of the two races could tip control of the court from Republican to Democrat for the first time in decades.

The Ohio Debate Commission sponsored a one-hour online debate among the four candidates — incumbent Republican Justices Judith French and Sharon Kennedy and Democratic challengers Jennifer Brunner and John P. O’Donnell. Watch the debate by clicking the link below.

ExploreCandidates for Ohio Supreme Court debate issues
ExploreBalance of Ohio Supreme Court at stake in 2020 election

The Ohio Debate Commission is a coalition of news organizations, universities and civic groups that encourage respectful civic dialogue.

The high court makes decisions that impact how much Ohioans pay in taxes, whether utility companies can add fees to ratepayers' bills, how insurance and business laws are interpreted, what government records will be available to the public and more.

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