Former Dayton meat market transformed into home with a modern flair

A Pershing Boulevard house in Dayton doesn’t look like a home at all at first glance and that’s because for most of its life it was something entirely different.

At 2146 Pershing Blvd. sits a two-story, 3,181-square-foot brick building built in 1923. The structure was originally a storefront for Meyer’s meat market with an upstairs apartment, said current owner Judith Moore.

The property sat vacant for a few years in the early 2000s and was nearly condemned before Moore decided to buy it for around $24,000 in 2011, she said. She then spent the next year or so turning the close to a century-old property into a unique home with a modern flair.

“It’s not my real job. I’m not a flipper,” Moore joked. “I just love older properties.”

Moore works as a hair stylist at the Parlour Beauty Salon on Linden Avenue in Dayton.

With a team of contractors, Moore essentially gutted the property. She had doors and flooring installed that she bought from a store that sells parts saved from other old homes that were demolished.

Walls were torn down to create the lower level’s open floor plan in which new living spaces were constructed while older exposed brick was left in place, Moore said. Floor to ceiling windows brighten the home’s downstairs and new black cabinetry has been installed throughout the kitchen, photos show.

Atop the first floor sits a ceiling that shows the exposed beams and the wood flooring of the house’s second level. The second floor has three bedrooms, a laundry space and a bathroom.

Moore put the home up for sale one week ago and got an offer the very next day and a deal is pending, she said. The house is listed on the real estate website Zillow for $189,900.

Moore has already moved on to her next project but said she’ll miss the open spaces of her Pershing Boulevard home.

“I love the architecture…It’s reality. It’s not TV stuff,” Moore said. “I just love being able to save a home in the city and then renovate it.”


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