Homes in two Dayton neighborhoods targeted for razing in Taylor deal

To keep Taylor Communications and its 600-plus employees in the city, Dayton city government has pledged to demolish 30 to 40 blighted structures around the company, continuing work the city has pursued in other neighborhoods for years.

Although it doesn’t have a list of addresses yet, the city will focus on the Edgemont and the Carillon neighborhoods around the former Standard Register building on Albany Street, east and west of Interstate 75, Aaron Sorrell, Dayton planning and community development director, said Friday.

The demolitions are required to satisfy the just-announced agreement with Taylor Corp — Taylor Communication’s Minnesota-based parent company — to keep 500 employees in the company’s Albany offices.

The city has already demolished some properties around nearby Cincinnati Street, east of 75, and has performed demolitions in 17 neighborghoods across the city for years, Sorrell said.

“In this immediate geography, these are the two neighborhoods,” Sorrell said, referring to Edgement and Carillon.

The Edgemont neigborhood is west of the interstate while the Carillon neighborhood — not the Carillon Park across the Great Miami River — is east of the highway. Both locales are west of the river.

But a key to starting the work will be renegotiating its NIP (Neighborhood Improvement Program) agreement to secure the federal money needed for the demolition work.

“We do not have a list of individual addresses yet,” Sorrell said. “We’re currently in the process of amending the NIP agreement … that we have with the (Montgomery County) Land Bank and the state of Ohio to include this neighborhood.”

Once that’s complete — perhaps in the next few weeks — the city will identify specific structures to be torn down.

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