Huber Heights woman has family in Munich

Huber Heights woman has ties to Munich

News Center 7’s Caroline Reinwald spoke to a woman here in the Miami Valley whose family was in Munich when the shooting happened.

Brigitte Cannon, a Huber Heights resident, came here with her daughter, Alexandra, from Germany years ago.

Her daughter has since moved back, and works right next to the mall where the shooting happened. She had left work an hour before the shooting began.

“My daughter was born and raised in Germany before we came over here,” Cannon said.

Alexandra, her husband and their two daughters live in Munich.

“I found out from one of my friends, she texted me, because I wasn’t home, or else I would have had the TV on,” Cannon said. “And she was asking me, ‘You watching the news? You know what happened in Munich?’ And I said, ‘No, what happened?’ And she texted me and the next thing was, I texted them in Germany and make sure they are really safe.”

Alexandra and her family are safe. But Cannon says she’s not desensitized to the mass shootings she sees on the news anymore.

“We have a crazy world,” Cannon said. “I think we actually don’t have any safe place any more.”

Cannon says she plans to try to contact her daughter on Sunday using FaceTime.

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