‘Keep your window up’: Driver who crashed after cicada flew into car in Cincinnati getting national attention


Credit: Cincinnati Police Department

When Vincent Bingham of New Richmond was driving home from work Monday afternoon, he didn’t expect the drive would gain him national attention.

“I was driving home from work on Riverside Drive to New Richmond,” he told our news partner WCPO-TV. “I didn’t have AC. I was going to get it fixed (Thursday), and a cicada just flew in the window and hit me in the face.”

The close encounter of the winged kind resulted in Bingham swerving and crashing into a telephone pole, totaling his vehicle and thrusting him into the spotlight.

“I just reacted, you know, like in a split second,” he said. “I thought it could happen to someone who’s, like, scared of them, or something, if it came in their car. I didn’t think it would happen to me, that I would wreck because something was coming at my face.”

On top of the crash earning local media attention, Bingham was also contacted by “Inside Edition” for a Wednesday segment on the cicadas’ disruption to everyday life.

Although his vehicle is totaled, Bingham walked away from the crash with only minor injuries and said he was feeling better Thursday. He said he’s more worried about how he’s going to get to work: His insurance company will help cover the remaining costs on his lease, but he only will have a rental car until Saturday.

Cincinnati police and fire personnel responded to the crash on U.S. 50/52 Monday afternoon. Police body camera footage captured the aftermath of the crash.

Bingham remained in positive spirits about the incident, despite not knowing how he’ll get to work come Sunday.

But he had some advice for other drivers as the Brood X summer continues: “Keep your window up. If you don’t have AC, maybe only crack your windows, or get your AC fixed. And if it happens to you, try not to react like I did, I guess.”