Coronavirus: DPS safety protocols include face shields, temp checks

Dayton Public Schools is implementing preventive measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus as part of the district’s Safe School Restart Plan.

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All staff will be trained to properly implement these protocols, the district Monday announced in a news release.

The preventive measures include:

  • Before students get on a DPS bus, parents are asked to check their student's temperature and check for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Parents who suspect their student may have COVID-19 are asked to keep the student home and inform school personnel if there is a confirmed diagnosis.
  • Students will have temperature and symptom checks upon arrival at school-- If a student has a fever or COVID-19 symptoms, the student will be isolated and monitored by the school nurse until a parent arrives.-- The district requests that parents arrive as quickly as possible to take their student to be tested for COVID-19.
  • All students and staff must wear face masks or face shields, as appropriate.-- All face coverings will be provided by the district-- Students will leave these personal face shields at school each day. -- Older students will use alcohol wipes to sanitize their shields for the following day. The district will sanitize the face shields of younger students.
  • All desks will be at least two feet apart, in accordance with the safety requirements set forth by the county health department. -- All desks will be arranged in rows that face forward.-- No small group pods or desks facing each other will be allowed.
  • All buses will be loaded from the back seats forward, so students do not cross one another's path while entering. -- The district requests that students wear a mask while waiting for the bus as well as while riding the bus. -- The district will provide masks for students who do not have them. However, students should keep their masks to use on the buses. A limited supply is available.
  • Movement outside the classroom will be minimized to prevent students from passing others or congregating in hallways. -- At the elementary and middle school level, teachers will change classrooms rather than students. For music, art and gym classes, movement in the halls will be limited to one class at a time. -- Information will be shared later about how classroom transitions will work for high school students.
  • The lunch and recess process also will change. More details will be shared at a later time.
  • No visitors will be permitted in any school.
  • Each building will have a thorough cleaning and sanitation schedule.
  • Students and staff must practice proper handwashing. Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom.

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