McMasters uncommitted to 2nd term as Huber Heights mayor

Huber Heights Mayor Tom McMasters is undecided on running for a second term in 2017, while a new candidate has signaled his intention to run.

Resident Jeff Gore, a substitute teacher in the Huber Heights City Schools, will make a formal announcement of his run for mayor Thursday night.

Additionally, Vice Mayor Tyler Starline has indicated he will nominate Councilwoman Judy Blankenship for vice mayor in 2017, when his term ends, and asked his colleagues to consider her unanimous appointment.

McMasters told the Dayton Daily News he is undecided on a run for mayor, but plans to remain involved regardless.

“I certainly will try to be active in making sure the residents have good choices, whether it’s for council or mayor,” McMasters said. “Whether I’m going to run or not, I haven’t made that decision yet.”

McMasters said if he does want to run, he’d prepare the petitions for candidacy, “and if residents wanted me and fill it out, then I would campaign.”

A frequent candidate for office, McMasters this year lost an independent bid to oust U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Dayton.

The mayor has been central to controversy since he took office in January 2014.

Among the issues, McMasters has been censured by City Council; city staff filed a complaint against McMasters; he attached, without authorization, a memo to city manager Rob Schommer's contract stating his disapproval; he has refused to sign legislation that was passed by council; and a complaint was filed with the NAACP against McMasters.

Having grown up in Huber Heights, Gore moved back to the city in 2015 “to allow our son to experience the great things Wayne (High School) and the community of Huber Heights has to offer,” he wrote on Facebook.

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