Yellow Springs officer involved in New Year’s incident resigns

One of the Yellow Springs officers criticized in the 22-page report for use of Tasers during the New Year’s Eve incident has resigned from the department.


Allison Saurber submitted her letter of resignation Feb. 9, citing a difference of opinion in the type of policing she believed in.

“I appreciate the time I have spent with the Yellow Springs Police department but I am taking a position with a department that I feel better aligns with the type of policing I believe in,” she wrote.

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“In our current social climate, this means not always representing the popular opinion but having the strength of character it takes to make tough calls in the best interests of the citizens I have sworn to protect,” she continued.

Saurber later wrote, “the Yellow Springs Police department does not align with my expectations from a department.”

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The report was critical of Saurber for drawing her Taser in a crowd of people.

“Of greater concern is Officer (Allison) Saurber’s display of her Taser in the crowd in front of the Little Art Theater. … Saurber is observed raising her Taser to shoulder level at the crowd and ordering them to back off. A Taser should never be used for crowd management or crowd dispersal.”

Saurber, along with officer R.J. Hawley reportedly drew their Tasers during a confrontation with 29-year-old David Carlson.

Saurber was hired by Yellow Springs Police department in October of 2016.

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