Alter High School: Rooted in faith, academics

Alter High School ‘God Squad’ students proudly show off their room for a door decorating contest. Contributed photo
Alter High School ‘God Squad’ students proudly show off their room for a door decorating contest. Contributed photo

During the last 10 years, a lot has changed at Archbishop Alter High School. Many renovations have been completed and include a new prayer chapel, science and STEM laboratories, chef lab, turf fields, state-of-the-art security system and the new Conservatory of the Arts building.

In addition to these facility improvements, Alter has also expanded the curriculum and diversified class offerings. With faith as a continued focus, student-led “God Squads” involve students from every grade level by meeting in small groups to strengthen and share their faith.

Alter continues to have a large group of students who travel internationally on mission trips every summer to live out their faith in a tangible way, and more than 100 students participate in the Steubenville Catholic Youth Conference every summer. These initiatives have been instrumental in preserving faith as the center of Alter High School.

Academic programming also continues to evolve and grow. The STEM program continues to draw accolades from the state of Ohio as Alter has received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in STEM for the last five years.

An innovative entrepreneurship class was launched this year in the business department. Students started their own small business, The Armory, which is an online spirit store that has offered students a practical application of marketing, accounting and sales. The students gain real-life experience by reporting and presenting to a board of local business individuals to seek guidance and feedback.

These accomplishments have laid a foundation for the future, and many have asked, “What’s next for Archbishop Alter High School?” The first answer to that question is a cool one, as air conditioning will finally be installed in the summer of 2019. This is a top priority, and it will provide a comfortable learning environment for students. Various health and wellness initiatives are also being explored and will hopefully keep students safe and feeling good about themselves.

Finally, the school will invest in and host a feedback and coaching lab with a nationally renowned facilitator for principals from the archdiocese as they continue to strive toward excellence in teaching and learning for every student.