Apartments still evacuated after floor buckles during large party near Fairborn

One wing of the Province Apartments is still not safe for anyone to live in after floor supports buckled this weekend during a large party.

Fairborn Fire Chief David Reichert said it’s “a structural issue,” which is apparent in photos that show damage to trusses that support the third floor.

“So the picture’s indicating back here is that we have a break in the bottom chord of that truss, which in turn has caused a sag from the third floor above,” Reichert said.

Greene County building inspectors said Wednesday that building management has yet to make county-approved fixes. Once repairs are made, it would have to be reinspected before anyone would be allowed back in.

Deputies responded to a noise complaint around 2 a.m. Sunday at the apartment complex at Zink and Kauffman roads near the Wright State University campus. The building was evacuated and no injuries were reported.

Body camera video from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office shows firefighters inspecting the cracked ceiling on the second floor, and also how concerned deputies were about the damage.

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“I’m too scared to stand over on that side,” one deputy said.

A sheriff’s office incident report estimates about 150 inside the third-floor apartment.

Someone at the party said they were all jumping to music when the floor gave.

It’s not clear whether anyone faces charges for apartment unit capacity violations.

Reichert said the 2-by-4s that make the floor supports are held together by metal hardware.



“This picture here, again there’s been enough stress placed on that bottom chord where it’s actually separated the middle. It’s broken that metal down the middle and you can see on the top of the bottom chord there that that gusset plate has actually started to pull away. So we have failure on the bottom of the gusset as well as the top.”

Residents who were forced out of their apartments said they were temporarily moved to other units in the complex. It’s not clear when the structural damage will be repaired and the apartments cleared for habitation.

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