Investigators search 3 times in 10 days in Carlisle baby remains case

Three separate searches in 10 days of a Carlisle house where the remains of an infant were found buried are part of continuing investigation against the mother and anyone else involved in the baby’s death, Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said Tuesday.

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Brooke Skylar Richardson, 18, is free on $15,000 bond, awaiting a preliminary hearing Aug. 1 in Franklin Municipal Court for reckless homicide for the May death of her baby. She was arraigned Friday on the third-degree felony.

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Investigators from the Warren County Coroner’s Office and Warren County Sheriff’s Office first went to the Richardson house on July 14, unearthing remains of a baby. They have been back to the Eagle Ridge Drive property twice since, including going inside the house Monday night, gathering more evidence.

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“This is an ongoing investigation. We are investigating what happened and who may have been involved,” Fornshell said, adding if that investigation led other others involved, they would be charged.

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Warren County Sheriff’s Lt. John Faine said search warrants pertaining to the case are sealed by a judge. Fornshell said they will remain sealed, “for now.”

When asked why the search warrants were sealed even after the defendant was charged, he reiterated the investigation is continuing.

“We are not going to give a road map to people about where we are going in the case,” Fornshell said, noting information on the applications for search warrants have details of the case. “In an ongoing investigation, you don’t want to tip off what you are looking for.”

Fornshell and investigators have declined to comment on the sex of the baby, how the baby died and the identity of the baby’s father.

“We have not made any statements about how the baby died or was disposed of,” Fornshell said.

Richardson was a cheerleader and had graduated from Carlisle High School this past spring, according to Carlisle School Superintendent Larry Hook. He declined to comment on Richardson, citing privacy laws.

If convicted of the charge, Richardson faces a one- to five-year prison term.

According to the criminal complaint filed against her in Franklin Municipal Court, “On or about May 7, 2017, one Brooke Richardson … did recklessly cause the death of another, or the unlawful termination of another’s pregnancy.”

Investigators initially received a tip from a doctor’s office that a Carlisle teenager may have delivered a stillborn infant. Investigators later found an infant’s remains buried in the backyard at the residence in the 100 block of Eagle Ridge Drive.

Richardson’s attorney, Charles M. Rittgers, reiterated this week what he said after Friday’s arraignment hearing.

“She didn’t drink. She wasn’t a partier or a smoker. By all measures a very good girl who helped children… She’s by all means a very good person,” Rittgers said as he described Richardson.

He said Richardson helped children with disabilities at a cheer camp and worked at the YMCA with children.

Staff Writer Ed Richter contributed to this report

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