Beavercreek HS principal resigns after controversy: ‘It’s so frustrating’

The Beavercreek High School principal who reached a separation agreement with the district Thursday night after saying an inappropriate word in a conversation with a student called the situation “frustrating.”

"It's such a difficult time because it's so frustrating,” Beavercreek High School Principal George Caras told News Center 7’s Sean Cudahy. “Because you hear parts and little bits of pieces, much of which may be hyperbole or not true and you can't really battle it. I'm kind of impotent to battle.”

>> Board unanimously approves Beavercreek HS principal’s resignation

Caras was put on administrative leave Sept. 27, and the school board unanimously approved his resignation last night, effective Dec. 31.

He self-reported to Superintendent Paul Otten that he said an inappropriate word during a conversation with a student.

The conversation was about race and culture and Caras used the “N word” while explaining how the word has evolved to take on different connotations over time, according to a social media post Caras’ wife Jayne Sachs made shortly after her husband’s leave was reported.

Caras is not allowed to speak about what led to his resignation, criticize his employment or resignation as part of the separation agreement.

>> Beavercreek principal on leave following race conversation with student

He said anyone who suggests he’s someone who speaks without speaking first is mistaken.

"I realize everything I say especially to a student is going to have some of effect. So it literally is in everything I do all day and to be painted like that is a little unfair I believe,” Caras said. “My morals and ethics are more important to me than life.”

Caras said he’s not sure what he will do now, but said he’s been overwhelmed by messages of support this last month.

"It has made the 34 years I was in this business worth it because it was about the kids. It's not about anything else. It was about my kids,” he said.

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