Bike shop: Cyclists need to be alert all the time

The terror attack that targeted a heavily traveled bicycle path in New York City may have some concerned it could happen in the Miami Valley.

One bike path in Beavercreek is usually a popular place when the weather cooperates. But cyclists wearing earbuds may find it difficult to hear what’s going on around them.

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The pictures and news of the attack Tuesday on a bike path in New York are fresh in the mind of Bryan Bell of K&G Bike Center in Xenia. The bike center has other stores in Centerville and Kettering.

“It’s an easy target I guess so thinking about their situation trying to inflict as much pain as they can,” he said of the act of terror that killed eight people.

Bell, also a cyclist, said he believes the Miami Valley is not a likely target.

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“I’d be really surprised if something like that happened around here,” he said.

The real danger to cyclists here are people wearing earbuds, Bell said. The music and wind noises can make it difficult to hear their surroundings, whether on a bike path or a bike lane on a busy street.

“I think everyone needs to be aware around each other all the time,” he said.

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