Check out 10 photo-worthy locations this fall in Vandalia

Vandalia has many hidden secrets throughout the city. When it comes to photography, there are multiple places where you can capture a sweet or interesting moment, especially with the changing of seasons from summer to fall.

Taylorsville Reserve

The Taylorsville Reserve will have plenty of fall foliage to see soon. Nestled in the reserve is the remnants of a town called Tadmore, according to Vandalia Communications Manager Rich Hopkins.

The Miami-Erie Canal was located nearby, and the canal and little town were destroyed by the 1913 flood.

This historic spot can be colorful for a photographer’s eye.

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Vandalia Art Park

If you are looking for some unique features to photograph, you should check out the Vandalia Art Park located on East Alkaline Springs Road.

The park has multiple outdoor sculptures that are permanent or leased, year around. They make for some great aerial or close-up views.

Art Park Log Cabin

Right next door to the Art Park is the Vandalia-Butler Historical Society grounds. The society has a log cabin surrounded by lots of colorful trees, which in the fall can be perfect for photos.

The society holds an open house on the first and third Saturdays on the month, April through October.

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Sports Complex

The sports complex at the Vandalia Recreation Center is a wonderful place to get a few photos of children and adults in action.

There is a wide range of sports played at the complex, and if you are in search of action-packed photos for family and friends of the athletes, the sport complex is for you.

Local corn fields

Just on the west side of Cassel Road, in between National Road and Old Springfield, are a few corn fields. The summer and fall, just at the right time, you can capture the beauty of nature. Deer are visible from the road and if you’re lucky, you can get a picture.

According to Hopkins, the city had a contest a few years ago to see who could capture the best photo of whatever they could capture. A lady was able to photograph the corn field right at dusk with a herd of deer roaming.


If you take a stop at Dixie Drive and National Road, you will get to have plenty of chances to capture what Dayton is famous for: airplanes.

You can watch the planes land and take off all day. This is another chance to get a few action shots.

Cassel Hills Golf Course

With the terrain around Cassel Hills Golf Course on Clubhouse Drive, you can capture lots of fall foliage. There are plenty of nature spots throughout the golf course, but nothing as majestic as hole #11.

Sunderland Falls

On the same road as the golf course, there is another great place for photo opts. But you have to be careful or you’ll miss it.

On the north side of Clubhouse Drive, there is a housing development with a field that abuts a brush line. If you take a stroll through the brush, you’ll find a large rock with a plaque and the area is chained off. That is where you can view the falls.

Seger Park

Seger Park has a 40-year legacy on Tionda Drive North next to the Vandalia Senior Citizens Center. The park has a gazebo that the locals love, and it can serve as a great site to take family photos.

Poplar Hill Cemetery

The cemetery located north of Stonequarry Road dates back before the Civil War and is a perfect place to get Halloween photos for the fall.

The old, rustic charm of this smaller cemetery is a great photo op moment, according to Hopkins.

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