Check out where to find one-of-a-kind Halloween costume in Springfield

Springfield residents aiming to get some ghoulish gear for Halloween need look no further than the Springfield Arts Council's Costume Shop, located at their office in the Heritage Center.

Boasting costumes amassed over decades from performances the council has hosted and donations from the public, the shop at 117 S. Fountain Ave. has been helping send a chill up the spine of local trick-or-treaters for several years. Anyone looking for something unique or special is more than welcome to peruse their offerings.

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“We have lots of period-style costumes ranging from the Renaissance to around the ’70s and ’80s,” Festival Manager and Education Director Jordan Keating said. “There’s pretty much something for everyone.”

The shop has costumes from previous performances like “Annie” and “The Wizard of Oz,” as well as regular costumes like wizards and monsters.

In the past, the most popular requests have been for ones patterned after princesses like Cinderella and Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” Keating said. Though they mostly cater to adults, she said they do have some children’s costumes available, though the selection is a bit limited.

“We mostly have things like fairy princess costumes but we’re starting to have more things available since we’re starting to do more youth performances,” she said.

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People interested in renting from the shop will have to make an appointment and it’s best to come in with an idea of what you’re looking for, Keating said. Rental fees range from $10 for simple accessories like hats and go up to $50 for elaborate get-ups with separate character heads.

Potential renters can visit the SAC’s Facebook page for a $5 off coupon. Once someone pays for the rental, they’re allowed to keep the costume for a week. It’s also possible to reserve it until a week before you absolutely need it.

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If you want one, though, you’ll have to be fast. While the shop is open all year, Keating said now is when people start making appointments for Halloween.

“This is the place if you want something absolutely unique since we only have one of everything,” she said. “But we’re limited on sizes. Stuff goes fast so it’s best to call in early.”

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