Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff
Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff



18-DR-0603 - Levi J. Coy, 2723 Anita Dr., v. Amanda M. Coy, 1332 Maiden Lane, complaint for divorce.

18-DS-0604 - Shaun Christopher Jones, Bellbrook, and Kimberly Sue Jones, Huber Heights, petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DS-0606 - Melissa Dabe, 163 Shadla Road, and Bryan Dabe, 163 Shadla Road, petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DS-0609 - Tonya Marie Bumbalough, Enon, and Terry Lee Crauder Jr., Lewisburg, petition for dissolution of marriage.


Marriage Licenses

Nicolas Francis Beebe, 36, Enon, operations supervisor, and Amanda Gail N. Adkins-Setty, 28, Enon, homemaker.

Derek James Current, 32, 721 Olive St., laborer, and Kathryn Joe Hood, 34, 721 Olive St., stay-at-home mom.

Charla Sue Robson, 28, Fairborn, teacher, and Noah Henry Robson Sr., 37, Fairborn, maintenance technician.


Property Transfers

Barbara J. Gastineau to Gastineau Family LLC, 11445 Dille Road, New Carlisle; no fee.

StonyRidge Inc., to Gastineau Family LLC, 0 N. Dayton Lakeview Road, two parcels, and 408 N. Main St., Rear, New Carlisle; no fee.

Dale L. and Shirley Gentry to Emily Barker and Patrick Mumford, 702 Willowick Dr., New Carlisle; $92,000.

Luke Andrew Issac and Alicia R. McIntosh to Rose C. Stankiewicz, 10151 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; $220,000.

Amanda J. and John J. Johnson to Amanda J. Amburgy, 108 E. Main St., South Vienna; no fee.

William D. and Maureen M. Thompson to Charles E. and Dawn E. Clark, 4860 Ashley Dr., Springfield; $133,000.

Ashly M. Starr to Trent J. and Stacy M. Gillam, 970 Forest Edge Ave., Springfield; $256,900.

Scott H. Peterson and Michell R. Herder to Gregory P. Carozza, 1443 Sylvan Shore Dr., South Vienna; $550,000.

Patsy A. Stewart to Bryan T. Stewart and Dianna Sutherin, 590 E. Possum Road, Springfield; $250,000.

Darlene M. Taylor to John W. and Megan S. Riggers, 2633 Casey Dr., Springfield; $109,900.

Janey L. Balmer to Ryan W. and Carly R. Mayfield, 2320 Derr Road, Springfield; $116,000.

Grant L. Descombes to Grant L. Descombes, 135 S. Western Ave., Springfield; $6,000.

Weldon and Sheila Cooper to R & E Property Management LLC, 507 Bellevue Ave., Springfield; $55,000.

Pamela J. Haddix to Hatler Jarvis II, 2732 Maplewood Ave., Springfield; $81,000.

James P. and Melody Hightower to Eric A. Steffy, 1510 Selma Road, Springfield; $79,000.

Jeff A. and Susan K. Butterfield to Darryl L. Arnold, 1307 S. Limestone St., Springfield; $59,900.

Zeus Office Building Inc., to McWhorther Properties, 1731-1733 Clay St., Springfield; $8,300.

Norma L. Bowman to Jeffrey Bowman, 325 Roosevelt Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Patricia L. Binkley to Harlis R. Price, 1 and 0 E. Main St., Tremont City; $50,000.

Samantha Jean Thompson to A & T Farm LLC, 0 E. National Road, Rear, Springfield; $582,600.

Bobby Lee Nichols to Ruth Ann Nickels, 6244 Dolly Varden Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Willie B. and Marian L. Litteral to Roger D. and Kathy Ratliff, 17 Oak St., South Charleston; $20,000.

Ronald W. and Katherine L. Denney to Brandon R. Ridenour and Lindsey K. Hildreth, 3730 Rocky Point Road, Springfield; $310,500.

John J. and Martha F. Austria to Bridget A. Bogan, 3931 Raymond Dr., Enon; no fee.

Carolyn P. Roark to Katie M. Chapman, 4310 Joy Dr., Enon; no fee.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Connie J. and David A. Babcock, 172 Miramar Dr., Enon; $90,000.

Karen S. Moore to Rebecca Whitaker, 34 Oaksmere Road, and 102 and 0 Fourth Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Randy A. and Amy L. Baumgardner to Randy A. Baumgardner, 3916 Petre Road, Springfield; no fee.

George O. Keller, Trustee, to Charles R. and Kathy M. Sample, 2670 Prestwick Village Cir., Springfield; $185,500.

Doug and Michelle Picklesimer to Doug R. Picklesimer, 532-534 W. High St., Springfield; no fee.

Steven A. Johnson to Robert F. Taylor Jr., and Tamara Hart Taylor, 915 Jefferson St., Springfield; $35,000.

James A. Burton to James A. and Marla K. Burton, 2117 Hillside Ave., 607 E. Rose St., and 1670 and 1662 N. Limestone St., Springfield; no fee.