Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-CV-0634 - Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., v. Shawn L. Maltby, 1225 W. Mulberry St., Unit 1225, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 1223-1225 W. Mulberry St., for $53,634.

18-CV-0635 - The Huntington National Bank, Columbus, v. Cora F. Forshey, Kenton, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 2679 Van Buren Ave., for $60,337.

18-CV-0636 - Planet Home Lending, LLC, v. Kenneth A. Taynor, 36 Cherry Dr., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $167,861.

18-CV-0637 - Tamara Persinger, Groveport, v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus, and Mercy Health, Toledo, notice of appeal.

18-DP-1038 - Bessie Daugherty, 525 E. Home Road, v. Dave Rose, 4641 Dayton-Springfield Road, petition for civil sexually oriented offense protection order.

18-DP-1039 - April Wilson, 151 Brent Dr., E., Apt. F, v. Michael Pelfrey, 2233 Woodside Ave., petition for civil stalking protection order.


State of Ohio v. Jeremy A. Edley Jr., convicted of possession of drugs, three years community control, 80 hours community service.

Christina Rudd v. Rock Dunaway, case voluntarily dismissed.

Jeperdi S. Carr v. Brandon A. Brown, civil stalking protection order granted.

Bridgett Lewis v. Brandon Brown, protection order dismissed.

Blair A. Clark v. Thomas Clark, domestic violence civil protection order dismissed.

Myra Hays v. Jereme Suttles, protection order dismissed.

Deanna Taylor v. Levi Taylor, domestic violence civil protection order dismissed.

Migdalis Guzman v. Kevin G. Morales Vargas, consent agreement and domestic violence civil protection order granted.

Dennis Merriman v. David Peckham, domestic violence civil protection order dismissed.

Catherine Diane Zinn and Gary Alan Zinn, dissolution of marriage.

Angela McCabe and Joshua A. McCabe, dissolution of marriage.

Christina Ann Bitzan and Daryl John Bitzan, dissolution of marriage.

Zachary Raines and Teresa Raines, dissolution of marriage.

Stephanie Robb v. Ross Robb, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.


Marriage Licenses

Julie Ann Ogden, 50, 1905 W. High St., group lead, and Robert Leroy Baker, 52, 1905 W. High St., disabled.

Kevin Alan Barber, 27, New Carlisle, palletiser, and Jennifer Marie Stacy, 24, New Carlisle, shift supervisor.


Property Transfers

Martha R. Suver to Jerry L. Suver, 0 New Carlisle Road, 0 New Carlisle Road, Rear, 8390 New Carlisle Pike, 0 New Carlisle Pike, two parcels, and 0 Ulery Road, New Carlisle; 0 W. National Road, Springfield; no fee.

Vicki L. Wieneke to Brody James and Kristin Michelle Lance, 5792 New Carlisle Pike, Springfield; $145,000.

Timothy J. and Miriam A. Suter to Robert Michael Bohanon and Gail Alene Bush, 2605 Stoney Creek St., Springfield; $287,000.

Erik David Dehart to Joseph and Heather Bernard, 2366 Leon Lane, Springfield; $204,000.

Mitchell D. and Sarah E. Burton to Marcus A. Adkins, 9900 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; $145,000.

Joseph A. Bernard to Terry J. Engle, 613 Old Mill Road, Springfield; $125,000.

Joseph L. and Meloney C. Hillier to Joseph L. and Meloney C. Hillier, Trustees, 2504 Ehrhart Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Linda D. and Walter S. Stutler to Linda D. Stutler, 8303 Philadelphia Dr., Fairborn; no fee.

Elizabeth A. Esterline to Michael and Jamie Garwood, 4390 Rebert Pike, Springfield; $200,000.

Charlotte A. Kaffenbarger to Amy Lukowski, 11055 and 10888 Ayers Pike, New Carlisle; no fee.

Kyle Ross Harp to Christopher and Maria A. St. John, 3621 McConkey Road, South Vienna; $118,000.

Roberta Stonerock to Rebecca L. Sullivan, 11247 Knoxville Road, Mechanicsburg; no fee.

David M. and Peggy D. Stonerock to DM MM & JM LLC, 1720 Titus Road, Springfield; $190,000.

Jason A. Craycraft to Reed Joseph Craycraft, 821 Geron Dr., Springfield; $120,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 539 W. Parkwood Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Marty D. Levitin to James Elvis Roberts, 721 Rubsam St., Springfield; $15,000.

Joshua D. Drake to Drake Quality Homes LLC, 614 Grant St., and 318 E. Rose St., Springfield; no fee.

Lynn A. Clark to Donald Ritchie and Penny Cochenour, 2551 Sunset Ave., Springfield; $86,500.

Matthew and Leah Ann McCurdy to James E. and Mary M. Baldwin, 221 S. Broadmoor Blvd., Springfield; $270,000.

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