Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



16-DS-0723 - Alex Wallen, 2110 Beatrice St., and Samantha Drummond, 2420 Troy Road, Apt. 2, petition for dissolution of marriage.


Daniel R. Woodruff Jr., and Rayanna L. Woodruff, case dismissed.

Donald R. Hall v. Bailey Walker, protection order denied.

Tracy L. Overman v. John D. Overman Sr., domestic violence civil protection order granted.

John D. Ashley Jr., and Rebecca M. Ashley, dissolution of marriage.

Kimberly D. Wallace v. James T. Wallace, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility and living separate and apart for more than one year.

Linda Susan DiMichele and Robert William DiMichele, dissolution of marriage.

Kimberly Lynne LeVan-McCombs and David Charles McCombs, dissolution of marriage.

Laura L. Dolin v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, et al., case dismissed with prejudice at plaintiff’s costs.

Kathy L. Miller v. James Petticrew, et al., case dismissed with prejudice at plaintiffs’ costs.

Tonya M. King v. Jessica A. Hise, et al., case dismissed with prejudice.

State of Ohio v. Shelby A. Riley, termination of probation, case dismissed.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, dba Christiana Trust, as Trustee, v. Joshua D. Dodds, et al., judgment in rem.

Madison Health v. James Swayne, judgment for $19,056.

Ohio Edison Company v. Nora Harris, judgment for $7,905.

Westfield National Insurance Company v. Sara M. Milton, judgment for $16,205.

Progressive Direct Insurance Company v. Chasity Delores Foster, judgment for $13,456.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Joseph A. Hartley, et al., judgment for $35,376.

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, NA, v. Stacey Mason, et al., judgment for $58,496.

State of Ohio v. Daniel Jones, case dismissed.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Christopher R. Reisinger, et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

State of Ohio v. Larry C. Brown II, convicted of felonious assault, eight years prison; convicted of tampering with evidence, three years prison; sentences to be served consecutively for a total of 11 years prison, jail credit for time served, three years post-release control mandatory.

State of Ohio v. Caylan W. Butcher, convicted of attempted rape, seven years prison with jail credit for time served, five years post-release control mandatory.

Treasurer of Clark County, Ohio, v. Gary L. Durst, et al., case dismissed.

Treasurer of Clark County, Ohio, v. South Bay LLC, et al., seven cases dismissed.

Treasurer of Clark County, Ohio, v. Inside Out Youth Homes, Inc., et al., case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Jon Marzette Johnson Jr., convicted of carrying concealed weapon, 18 months prison with jail credit for time served.

State of Ohio v. Charles L. Bateman, convicted of attempted failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer, 15 months prison, jail credit for time served, five years driving privileges suspended.

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, v. Olajide A. Tawose, et al., judgment vacated, case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

The Huntington National Bank v. Gail E. Mitchell, judgment for $64,357.


Marriage Licenses

Mark Alan Bollinger, 32, 1426 Marinette Dr., data entry, to Crystal Marie Coates, 26, 1426 Marinette Dr., cashier.

Kevin Matthew Kaufman, 36, Enon, material handler, to Leah Jess Moliengo, 28, Enon, homemaker.

John Arthur Cochensparger II, 44, 2453 Red Coach Dr., Apt. 5, retired, to Eleanor Dawn Adams, 52, 2453 Red Coach Dr., Apt. 5, environ. serv. supervisor.

Kimberly Dawn Wallace, 48, South Charleston, hot walker, to James Hiram Protsman Sr., 51, South Charleston, assistant starter.

Damon Lee Williams, 24, 3047 Colony Lane, supervisor, to Shayn Nicole Carver, 23, 3047 Colony Lane, STNA.


Property Transfers

Jeff Hayes and Michael Siedler to Mysticole C. Starr, 1724 and 0 Prospect St., Springfield; $40,000.

Wesley L. Sparks to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 24-26 W. Perrin Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Drew A. Siemon to City of Springfield, Ohio, 1221 Tibbetts Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Holly L. Pyle to Nathan T. Mason Sr., and Shelly L. Mason, 134 Kewbury Road, Springfield; $108,000.

MLA Real Estate Investments LLC to John J. and Tabitha L. Harris, 316 Glendale Dr., Springfield; $88,000.

Hipolito Cruz and Edna I. Rengel to Stefan M. and Hillary N. Schuster, 1649 Styer Dr., New Carlisle; $109,500.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to 2643 Dunhollow LLC, 525 N. Scott St., New Carlisle; $34,400.

Jean M. Evans to Thomas F. Koepp, 110 Harrison St., Donnelsville; $63,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Carol Caplinger Lemons, 5602 Willowdale Road, Springfield; no fee.

Kathleen K. Puckett to Levi Joshua Keplinger, 1433 N. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; $97,000.

Frank O. Davis and Kristen E. Earnest to Ashli N. Baldwin and Gary L. Hollander II, 129 N. Chillicothe St., South Charleston; $133,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Christopher and Susan Young, 3615 S. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; $29,000.

John H. Linardos to Thalia E. Laventzis, 4910 Tulane Road, Springfield; no fee.

Joshua David and Bethany Jane Neidhart to William L. Haddix, 1846 Sierra Ave., Springfield; $118,000.

Mabel L. Kibler to Johnnie Kibler, 4240 Helena Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Martha A. Haerr to Martha A. Haerr, Trustee, 0 Middle Urbana Road, two parcels and 1749 E. County Line Road, Springfield; no fee.

Richard A. and Martha A. Haerr to Richard A. and Martha A. Haerr, Trustee, 6170 Middle Urbana Road, Springfield; no fee.

Gary W. and Cynthia Sendelbach, Co-Trustees, to Dawn Evans, 3415 Cambridge Dr., Springfield; $196,000.

Dawn Michelle Evans to Roger Evans, 2072 Fairfield Pike, Springfield; $145,500.

Flagstar Bank FSB to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1655 Titus Road, Springfield; no fee.

Dennis Chaffin to Amy L. Chaffin, 3114 Erter Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Edward B. and Rita A. Wichael, Trustees, to Edward B. and Rita A. Wichael, 3105 Countryside Ct., Springfield; no fee.

Jonathan F. and Priya N. Johnson to Norma A. Chavez and Areli Bello Mendoza, 3301 Bristol Dr., Springfield; $96,500.