Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-DP-0375 — Nicole B. Grant-Boetticher, 2168 Shawnee Ave., v. Bryan W. Boetticher, New Carlisle; petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

18-DS-0376 — Dyllan Wayne Lyons, 226 E. Northern Ave., and Aubrey Lyons, Fairborn; petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DR-0377 — Amanda Marie Remmy, New Carlisle, v. Samuel Allenlee Remmy, Asheville, N.C.; complaint for divorce.

18-DP-0379 — Felisha Lanfranco, 1402 S. Limestone St., v. Richard Gossett, 107 E. Rose St.; petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

18-DS-0383 — Jay H. Ward, New Carlisle, and Martha B. Ward, New Carlisle; petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DS-0384 — Jennifer L. Nethers, 4039 Harris Lane, and Randall S. Nethers, 4039 Harris Lane; petition for dissolution of marriage.


State of Ohio v. Kevin Michael Temple; convicted of receiving stolen property, three years community control, fined $2,000.

State of Ohio v. Jamie Rae Wheeler; convicted of attempted trespass in a habitation, one year community control.


Marriage Licenses

Joseph Eugene Shover, 48, 1560 Regent Ave., machine operator, and Lisamarie Kamoalii Kawailima, 41, 1560 Regent Ave., medical assistant.

Katrina Michele Foster, 29, 601 Linden Ave., self-employed, and Billie Mack Williams III, 32, 36 W. Johnny Lytle.

Kelsey Marie Woerlein, 26, 2124 Greenbrier Ave., food preparation, and Angel Eduardo Rivera, 29, Dayton, waiter.


Property Transfers

K O I Enterprises Inc., to James D. and Debra G. Ward, 2432 S. Dayton-Lakeview Road, New Carlisle; $125,000.

Equity Trust Company to Hughes Property Group LLC, 213 Drake Ave., New Carlisle; $15,000.

Ronnie L. and Debra L. Mabry to Patricia A. McAllister and Donald L. Deardorff, 331 Galewood Dr., New Carlisle; $56,000.

Larry R. and Diana L. Harris to Robert S. Estep and Holly A. Marler, 609 N. Scott St., New Carlisle; $56,000.

William J. and Polly Agle to Adam Agle & Sons Farms LLC, 0 S. Urbana Lisbon Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Susan Ann Burk to Jennifer Parsons, 831 and 847 George Allen Dr., South Vienna; $60,000.

William James and Polly A. Agle to Adam Agle & Sons Farms LLC, 0 Wilson Road, South Charleston; $1,061,400.

Marlene M. Ash, Trustee, to Luann Boysel, Trustee, 4163 Raymond Dr., Enon; no fee.

Luann Boysel, Trustee, to Larry Hawkins, 4163 Raymond Dr., Enon; $115,000.

John E. and Joan M. Pitstick to Daniel and Alicia A. Griffin, 4875 Jackson Road, Enon; $400,000.

Overholser Builders LLC to Travis W. and Jodi K. Parsons, 4144 Midfield St., Springfield; $25,000.

Jerry E. and Brenda A. Armentrout to Alex Gaboric and Rachel K. Massey, 4156 McConkey Road, South Vienna; $33,000.

Trixi Faulkner Myers to Matthew J. and Michelle Merriman, 560 Candace Dr., Springfield; $169,900.

William James Agle to Lindsay B. Daulton, 3396 and 0 E. Possum Road, Rear, Springfield; no fee.

Joanne C. Casey to Robert L. Rees, 2825 Hillside Ave., Springfield; $79,900.

Mark L. Johnson to Curtis C. Circle and Barry W. Adams, 1315 Klobdenz Ave., and 0 Perry St., Springfield; $80,000.

John C. and Carolyn S. Grover to Carolyn S. Grover, 1532 W. Main St., Springfield; no fee.

Thelma M. Bame to Melissa Rice and Jody Longberry, 1618 W. Mulberry St., Springfield; no fee.

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