Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff
Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff



18-CV-0187 - U.S. Bank NA, as Trustee, v. Matthew T. Trimble, New Carlisle, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 7451 New Carlisle Pike, New Carlisle, for $97,862.

18-CV-0188 - Vickie Fisher, 4872 Auston St., v. Christopher Coleman dba CDC Holdings, Ltd., and CDC Properties, South Charleston, complaint for $50,000 due on promissory note.

18-CV-0189 - Connie Roberts, individually and as natural guardian and next friend of Shannon Roberts and Joseph Roberts, 2620 Hilltop Ave., et al., v. Gregory Allen Clark, Monroe, Mich., et al., complaint for judgment in an amount that will fairly and reasonably compensate plaintiff for the harm suffered and damage caused by the negligence and wrongful acts of defendants due to truck/auto accident on June 2, 2017.

18-DR-0289 - Jason S. Newman, South Charleston, v. Melisa A. Newman, 4180 Old Springfield Road, complaint for divorce.


State of Ohio v. Sarah Parker, termination of community control, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Sarah Boysel, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Thurston Goodjohn Jr., case dismissed.

Maricela Gallegos v. Raul Roblero Mendez, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of living separate and apart for more than one year and incompatibility.

Daniela E. Meyer and Scott M. Meyer, dissolution of marriage.

Belinda D. Gaier and Matthew T. Gaier, dissolution of marriage.

Erica Leigh Barnett and David Trent Barnett, dissolution of marriage.

Brittany L. Clingman v. Justin Clingman, case dismissed.

Zachary A. Robinson v. Krystin Robinson, case dismissed.

Christine L. Longberry v. Zachary Brown, case voluntarily dismissed.


Marriage Licenses

Sylvia Rose Showers, 32, South Charleston, apartment manager, and Andrew Dean Hicks, 36, South Charleston, warehouse work.

Heather Lynne Pierce, 48, 1932 Providence Ave., prosthetist/orthotist, and Mark Dwayne Tilley, 50, 1932 Providence Ave., inspector.


Property Transfers

Adam and Kendra Leighty to Joseph M. and Jessica L. Reed, 902 W. Lake Ave., New Carlisle; $118,900.

John and Amanda Grabill to Edward J. and Lora D. Budurka, 4327 Hummingbird Way, Springfield; $360,000.

Barrett L. and Carla E. Myers to Barrett L. Myers, 7819 and 0 Old Columbus-Cincinnati Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 330 Clifton Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Barbara A. Claar, Trustee, to F. Kyle Crain, 0 Old Mill Road, Springfield; $108,000.

Grant L. Mathey Sr., Trustee, to Charles W. and Elizabeth A. Alexander, 1908 Elaina Dr., Springfield; $70,000.

Gary T. Heironimus to Shaun and Nicky Phillips, 4343 Phoenix Dr., Springfield; $90,000.

Paul B. Ryan to Brooke R. Gram, 4535 Reno Lane, Springfield; $81,000.

Douglas M. and Julie L. Rastatter to Andrew E. and Marcie S. Reynolds, 615 Stonecroft Dr., Springfield; $276,000.

David R. Hampton and Pati J. Rees to Tracy Hixon, 5105 Taywell Dr., Springfield; $108,900.

William V. and Karen E. Bates, Trustees, to James and Carla Lynch, 3284 Vernon-Asbury Road, South Vienna; $268,000.

Valarie A. Baader to Dennis A. and Margaret E. Ault, 516 N. Bird Road, Springfield; $184,900.

Norma Jean Perkins to Shawn M. and Angel M. Tackett, 2617 Danbury Road, Springfield; $100,000.

Shannon A. Jacobs to Jacob M. Oester and Lauren R. Rogers, 2538 Garland Ave., Springfield; $105,000.

Timothy Combs to Clark County Fuller Center For Housing, 1091 W. Perrin Ave., Springfield; $20,000.

James R. Cornelius to Austin J. Waha, 1412 Amherst Road, Springfield; $61,500.

Hughes Property Group LLC to Nott Bad Investments LLC, 412 Mountjoy St., Springfield; $36,000.

Marshall Bradley Sr., to Saundra Bradley, 715 E. Rose St., Springfield; no fee.

Inside Out Youth Homes Inc., to Jose Oscar Villatoro, 1631-1633 Cypress St., Springfield; $12,000.

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