Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-DP-0512 — Stephanie Juarez, 1707 E. High St., Apt. 303 v. William Joe Abston, 2361 Kingswood Drive; petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

18-DP-0532 — Makayla Edwards, 525 E. Home Road v. Corben Hannah, 920 Egmont; petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

18-CV-0282 — WesBanco Bank, Inc., 28 E. Main St., v. Carolyn S. Grover, 5940 Springfield-Xenia Road; complaint in foreclosure for $30,431 for property located at 1532 W. Main St.

18-CV-0295 — Lakeview Loan Servicing v. Gregory E. Suarez, 6601 Upper Valley Pike, Urbana, et al.; complaint in foreclosure for $149,517.

18-CV-0297 — Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., v. Christopher R. Hayes, 325 Funston Ave., New Carlisle; complaint in foreclosure for $70,610.

18-CV-0299 — Fifth Third Bank v. Charles E. Otstot, 951 Spruce Drive; plaintiff demands judgment in the amount of $51,542.

18-CV-0305 — Caliber Home Loans, Inc., v. Jason S. Dalzell, 46 Matthews Ave., Enon, et al.; complaint in foreclosure for $130,075.


Marriage Licenses

Thomas Patrick Davis, 78, 3961 Mumper Road, retired, and Pamela Ann Finnegan, 69, 3961 Mumper Road, retired.

Kalie Elizabeth Lyden, 24, 3222 Woonsocket St., and Brandon Michael Hanson, 25, 3222 Woonsocket St., assembler.

Matthew Keith Linger, 45, 413 E. Cecil St., professional bodybuilder, and Rebecca Doreen Rider, 44, 413 E. Cecil St., RN.

Sarah Nicole Weaver, 24, Enon, processing specialist, and Joshua Michael Dalton, 25, Enon, welder.


Property Transfers

George H. V. Berkhofer to Elizabeth M. Altman, 0 Church St., Rear, South Charleston; no fee.

Robert W. McClure to Ryan J. Overholser, 3896 Rebert Pike, Springfield; $131,000.

Dora M. Woodard to Jacqueline Rae Wayne, 3523 Landor Road, Springfield; no fee.

Jason L. and Rachele N. Barlow to Ray and Mary E. Proffitt, 867 White Oak, Springfield; $218,000.

William R. Young Jr., and Kathi Jo Young to Bernard N. Gibson Jr., 2949 Sun Valley Dr., Springfield; $106,000.

Dwight McCollum to City of Springfield, 622 S. Yellow Springs St., Springfield; no fee.

Charles R. Schellenger to Martin G. Nicewaner, 529 N. Race St., Springfield; no fee.

Ernest D. Wright to City of Springfield, 0 Magnolia Blvd., Springfield; no fee.

Fix Em Up LLC to Miranda S. Moon and Derek S. Butler, 1815 Beacon St., Springfield; $82,000.

Steven A. Donaldson to City of Springfield, 1809 Sweetbriar Lane, N., Springfield; no fee.

MFR Rentals LLC to William Luke Kelly, 230 S. Greenmount Ave., Springfield; $75,000.

Glenn Williams to City of Springfield, 910 Selma Road, Springfield; no fee.

Vernon G. Jenkins to City of Springfield, 1614-1616 Edwards Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Mohammad A. R. Jallaq to City of Springfield, 1203 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Hydra Inc., to City of Springfield, 1301 S. Limestone St., Springfield; no fee.

Thurman C. Hix, et al., to City of Springfield, 1527 Tibbetts Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Richard B. Reynolds to City of Springfield, 1521 Tibbetts Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Donald G. and Judy K. Monhollen to City of Springfield, 501-503 Prairie Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Alversia Coons to City of Springfield, 0 Clay St., Springfield; no fee.

Robert J. Tolliver to City of Springfield, 315 Oakwood Pl., Springfield; no fee.

William Nathaniel and Irene Cherry to City of Springfield, 133 W. State St., Springfield; no fee.

A. C. Robinson to City of Springfield, 450 E. Liberty St., Springfield; no fee.

Jeremy N. Kochersperger to City of Springfield, 409-411 Sherman Ave., Springfield; no fee.

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