Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-DP-0942 - Stephanie Bostick, 2107 Troy Road, Apt. D1, v. Christopher Bostick, 2000 Airpark Dr., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

18-DP-0943 - Jamie R. Wheeler, Yellow Springs, v. Robert L. Sierecki, New Carlisle, petition for civil stalking protection order.

18-DP-0944 - Adam Garvin, 3054 Heather Glen Crt., v. Melissa Wallace, Dayton, petition for civil stalking protection order.

18-DR-0945 - Tara Henry, Englewood, v. Christopher Henry, Medway, complaint for legal separation.


Susan Marie Peterson v. Willie F. Peterson III, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Erin L. Michael and Kyle H. Michael, dissolution of marriage.

Jeffrey Scott Williams and April Lynn Williams, dissolution of marriage.

Joshua McDade and Miriam Morris, dissolution of marriage.

Cassaundra Marie Jenks and Tyler Keith Jenks, dissolution of marriage.


Marriage Licenses

Stephanie Marie McConnaha, 40, 3558 Redwood Blvd., sales, and Kenneth Lewis Propst, 33, 1707 W. Mulberry St., self-employed.

Michael Lee McConkey, 57, New Carlisle, engineer, and Audrey Robinson, 47, Fairborn, security assistant.


Property Transfers

Julia Ann Valentine, Trustee, to Douglas L. and Rebecca J. Evans, 317 Brookside Dr., New Carlisle; $195,000.

Jason E. and Chrissy R. McCoy to Rebecca and Philip Francis, 100 Tillie Lane, New Carlisle; $103,500.

Paul F. and Linda A. Bok to Elizabeth J. Frantz, 3309 Party Lane, Springfield; $97,500.

Mary L. Andrus to William H. and Jennifer L. Andrus, 4505 Johnson Road, Springfield; $135,000.

David B. and Lori S. Snyder to Christopher J. Hauf, 1475 Groop Road, Springfield; $244,900.

Benjamin J. Thomas to Jason M. and Lisa M. Nettleingham, 8190 Dayton-Springfield Road, Fairborn; $135,000.

Carl A. and Linda K. Myers, Trustees, to Carl A. and Linda K. Myers, 6426 Garrison Road, two parcels, Enon; no fee.

Chris F. and Edith C. Loney to Drew Byers, 3025 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield; $110,000.

Robert M. and Tracy L. Phares to Robert M. Phares, 1790 N. Urbana-Lisbon Road, South Vienna; no fee.

Rex E. and Lora Sue Stelzer to Norman R. and Ladonna K. Lowe, 3416 Maplewood Ave., Springfield; $25,000.

Doris J. Casebolt to Kenneth R. Couch, 1923 Providence Ave., Springfield; $115,000.

Brittany N. Bush to Arthur Molina, 3262 Revels St., Springfield; $90,000.

Elizabeth J. Frantz to Stanley L. Duncan and Royletta E. Duncan, 1015 Abington Pl., Springfield; $110,000.

William J. Lyons to Dustin A. Bodenmiller, 1608 Attleboro Ave., Springfield; $114,900.

Carl A. Myers, Trustee, to Carl A. and Linda K. Myers, 1409 W. First St., Springfield; no fee.

Jayson S. Skaggs to Jayson S. and Mary B. Skaggs, 1419 Malden Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Christopher J. Hauf to Steven D. and Catherine M. Leep, 1411 St. Paris Road, Springfield; $76,500.

Stelzer Investment LLC to Norman R. and Ladonna K. Lowe, 1628 W. High St., Springfield; $6,000.

SRPK Corp., to Steven D. Mounts and Carrie L. Rees, 852 N. Burnett Road, Springfield; $71,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 328 Glenn Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Robert G. Vest to Alisha Caldwell, 1134 Gable St., Springfield; $63,000.

Roger L. and Jeanenne Z. Jackson to Charles Jayson Dufner, 1782 Edwards Ave., Springfield; $24,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to LA Commercial Property Investments Inc., 1810 Hillside Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., to Conscious Connect Redevelopment, 1609 Woodward Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., to Conscious Connect Redevelopment, 1403 Linden Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Ann M. Hoffman to Debra A. Stewart, 1402 N. Fountain Blvd., Springfield; no fee.

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