Clark County Common Pleas Court cases


Marriage Licenses

Brant Steven Podojak, 25, 893 B Stone Crossing Lane, salesperson, and Janessa Ann Burnworth, 26, 893 B Stone Crossing Lane, assistant customer service coordinator.

Colonel Joseph Ragland, 31, 1006 Oak St., restaurant manager, and Brittany Ann Picklesimer, 29, 1006 Oak St., restaurant manager.

LeAnna Jo Durbin, 23, 1916 Ballentine Pike, registered nurse, and Lee Hamilton Bricker, 22, Brookville, student.


Property Transfers

Devi F. Averill to Rodz Bros. Construction and Remodeling LLC, 1028 Whaley Road, New Carlisle; $84,500.

Anthony J. and Regina Moore to Dale R. Schaffer III, 427 Stratmore St., New Carlisle; $88,000.

Uriel Martinez to Paige N. O’Byrne, 356 Stratmore St., New Carlisle; $89,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Mary J. Pacinda, 205 Zimmerman St., New Carlisle; $104,000.

Diversified Solutions LLC to N. Thompson Construction, 6012 S. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; no fee.

Edward J. and Lucy H. Ulliman to Danny E. and Suzanne Bostick, 1521 Victorian Way, Springfield; $150,000.

Bernard N. Gibson Jr., to Katie Ann Gilliland, 1110 Stanway Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Willow Ridge LLC to Amy 313 LLC, 5632 Willow Chase Cir., Springfield; $100,000.

Rose Risteff to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 3222 E. High St., Springfield; no fee.

Raymond and Marilyn F. Schneider to Marilyn F. Schneider, 2430 St. Paris Pike, Springfield; no fee.

Marilyn F. Schneider to Linda E. Watson, 2430 St. Paris Pike, Springfield; $150,000.

Danny E. and Suzanne Bostick to William and Letitia Newton, 1219 Warbler Rdg., Springfield; $120,000.

Timothy A. Merkle and Tracy Ann Farner to Tracy Ann Farner, 615D Villa Road, Springfield; no fee.

Tracy Ann Farner to Susan K. Salyers, 615D Villa Road, Springfield; $35,000.

Leslie H. Young to Sheila Rice, 1530 S. Yellow Springs St., and 0 Yellow Springs St., Springfield; $30,000.

Kimberly R. Bray, Trustee, to Ronald Daugherty, 1021 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; $2,500.

Edward A. and Joan M. Penwell to Joan M. Penwell, 1710 Crestview Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Christine V. Taylor to Deborah A. Vititoe and Sollie Hurst Jr., 2021 Rutland Ave., Springfield; $22,000.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2405 Gladden St., Springfield; no fee.

MFR Rentals LLC to William T. Young Jr., and Ashley J. Young, 916 Warder St., Springfield; $25,000.

Regina A. and Jack K. Taylor to Regina A. Taylor, 364-366 E. Cecil St., Springfield; no fee.

Regina A. Taylor to Greg E. McKeever, 364-366 E. Cecil St., Springfield; $75,000.

Norman R. and Carol J. McClure to Carol J. McClure, 1321 N. Lowry Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Conrad E. Campbell to James C. and Nancy Hutson, 42 and 0 Oak Road, Medway; $15,000.

James V. Ketcheson to Glenn E. and Beverly J. Davidson, 139 W. Aspen Road, Medway; $62,000.

Todd A. St. Pierre to Timothy J. and Keri McCarty, 805 Hedwick St., New Carlisle; $100,800.

Debra Lynn Renfro to Bruce Renfro, 734-740 W. Lake Ave., New Carlisle; no fee.

James B. White to Nathan P. Varner, 3215 S. Buena Vista Road, South Charleston; $124,500.

Arlend Sammons to Catherine L. Sammons, 0 Urbana Lisbon Road, South Vienna; no fee.

Robert S. Kline Jr., and Kristen M. Kline to Ronnie Hudson and Tracy Lee Leatherman, 1405 Erika Dr., Springfield; $100,000.

Melissa A. Gundolf, Trustee, to Stephanie R. Errett, Trustee, 2489 Liberty Road, two parcels, 0 Liberty Road and 0 Dayton Lakeview Road, Rear, New Carlisle; no fee.

Theresa Robertson to Michael A. Robertson, 3520 New Carlisle-St. Paris Road, New Carlisle; no fee.

Dale L. and Kimberly S. Massie to CVF III Mortgage Loan Trust II, 787 Lawnview Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Florence M. Dehaven to Robert Alvin and Rosalee Overholser, 3047 Brixton Dr., W., Springfield; $115,900.

Christopher Parks to Eric and Terri Coffman, 409 Bellaire Ave., Springfield; $14,000.

Equity First Funding LLC to Sea Eagle Holdings LLC, 359 Linwood Ave., Springfield; $20,400.

Jon Thomas and Cynthia L. Griffith to Bisbee Properties LLC, 1681-1683 Brentwood Dr., Springfield; $53,000.

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