Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



16-CV-0461 - Security National Bank, Division of The Park National Bank, fka Security National Bank & Trust Company, 40 S. Limestone St., v. Yvonne R. Mercer, 3661 Lawrenceville Dr., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $199,796.

16-CV-0462 - Helen D. Harmer, 3295 Craig Road, v. Wesley Eric Ault, Russells Point, et al., complaint to reform deed and quiet title.

16-CV-0463 - Zachary D. Haney, 2012 Spring Meadow Dr., v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus, and Iron Tiger Logistics, Inc., Independence, Mo., notice of appeal.

16-DS-0632 - Jennifer J. Linger, 3123 Tackett St., and Matthew K. Linger, 413 E. Cecil St., petition for dissolution of marriage.

16-DP-0633 - Roger Clarkston, New Carlisle, v. Keith Storms, New Carlisle, petition for civil stalking protection order.

16-DR-0634 - Kelly Parks, Medway, v. James Parks, Calmetto, Fla., complaint for divorce.

16-DP-0635 - Maria S. Munch, Fairborn, v. Shane Hediger, Fairborn, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.


State of Ohio v. Pamela K. Arnold, termination of probation, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Terry Fletcher Jr., convicted of theft, one year prison to run concurrently with another sentence, jail credit for time served, $80 restitution.

State of Ohio v. Terry Fletcher Jr., convicted of receiving stolen property, one year prison to run concurrently with another sentence, jail credit for time served, $659 restitution.

State of Ohio v. Daniel Rosales, convicted of possession of cocaine, two years community control, two years driver’s license suspension, $1,000 fine to be paid by Jan. 20, 2017.

State of Ohio v. Kevin Dewayne Crowley, community control revoked due to violation, 12 months prison for offense of possession of cocaine, jail credit for time served, two years driver’s license suspension, $1,000 fine.

State of Ohio v. Asante A. Williams, convicted of aggravated robbery with a firearm specification, mandatory five years prison plus an additional three years for the firearm specification for a total of eight years prison; convicted of carrying a concealed weapon, 13 months prison; convicted of possession of cocaine, 11 months prison; jail credit for time served, sentences to run consecutively to each other and to another sentence, five years post-release control mandatory, firearm forfeited.

State of Ohio v. Asante A. Williams, convicted of failure to appear, 12 months prison with jail credit for time served, sentence to run consecutively to other sentences.

State of Ohio v. Terry Fletcher Jr., case dismissed with prejudice.

State of Ohio v. Richard Levalley, termination of probation, case closed.

John L. Emerich v. Jennifer A. Emerich, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.


Marriage Licenses

Shay Marie Wagner, 32, 3040 Clarion Dr., RN, to Justin Ray Belcher, 34, 3040 Clarion Dr., forklift operator.

Beth Ann Nevius, 23, 1636 Satinwood Cir., STNA, to Shawn Edward Haffner, 26, 1636 Satinwood Cir., district manager.


Property Transfers

Richard F. and Leah H. Schiller to Angelique Nicole Rains and Lynn Ballard, 1152 Bischoff Road, New Carlisle; no fee.

Jon and Michelle Stafford to Jon M. and Michelle R. Stafford, Trustees, 9988 Union Road, Medway; no fee.

Connie Jo Flanly to Joyce Wilson, Trustee, 3370 Flowerdale Road, Springfield; $76,000.

William L. and Kay J. Brown to Aaron R. and Jeannie M. Cydrus, 2557 Stoney Creek St., Springfield; $268,500.

Ramona S. Thompson and Ramona Y. Thompson to Ramona Y. Thompson, Trustee, 0 Church St., South Charleston; no fee.

Carl H. and Karen R. Vogel to Karen R. Vogel, 4273 Helena Dr., and 4266 and 4264 Midfield St., Springfield; no fee.

Delores F. Blair to Sheila F. Zeman and Gina R. Sanders, 4908 Auston St., Springfield; no fee.

Robert J. and Marjorie M. Schmittauer to Marjorie M. Schmittauer, 4833 Cullen Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Caleb Joseph Sowards to Roger H. and Sally A. Smith, 4785 Cornell St., Springfield; $89,900.

Penny L. Tope and Guy Hayden Conner to Ronald E. and Rebecca S. Bishop and Kenneth W. Rice, 2671 Preston Dr., Springfield; $105,000.

Elaine Y. Wilkins and Eva N. Pennington to William K. and Kimberly F. Witherow, 728 Dorchester Dr., Springfield; $106,500.

Lloyd P. Robinson to Robert D. and Tammy R. Edwards, 135 Omega St., Springfield; $68,000.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., to Paul D. and Shelly M. O’Brien, 3600 W. National Road, Springfield; no fee.

Ryan S. Malany and Michelle Althauser to Tyler S. and Ashlee R. Evans, 1129 Ryan Road, Springfield; $169,000.

Thomas J. and Maureen C. Grady to Wittney R. and Paul J. Thompson, 810 Medford Dr., Springfield; $166,800.

Kimberly R. Kelley Harper to S & D Innovators, 101 Roscommon Dr., Springfield; $210,000.

J. A. Clements Sr., Trustee, to J. A. Clements Sr., 1375 W. Clark St., and 0 Clark St., Springfield; no fee.

Jennifer A. Emerich to John L. Emerich, 1830 Audubon Park Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Robert and Kimberly L. Jessee to Caleb M. and Jamie M. Fox, 2219 Elmwood Ave., Springfield; $84,000.

Lynda G. Hollingsworth to The Bank of New York Mellon, 1822 Fulton Ave., Springfield; $13,400.

Rodney A. and Karen A. Clingman, Trustees, to Linda A. Pollock, 1110 and 1102 N. Plum St., Springfield; $164,000.

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