Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-CV-0578 - Santander Bank, N.A., v. W-Car Group, Inc., dba Logan’s Towing & Automotive Service Center, 4815 Urbana Road, and Thomas E. Owens, 4815 Urbana Road, complaint for plaintiff to be granted possession of the 2013 Ford F650 and judgment for $51,918 due on contract/note.

18-CV-0610 - JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Columbus, v. Chad Robinson, 425 Meadow Wood Dr., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $62,441.

18-CV-0611 - Westfield Insurance Company v. Tesa Nicole Justice, Greenville, complaint for $20,708 for damages to motor vehicle of plaintiff’s insured on March 27, 2017.

18-CV-0612 - Brenda Lightner, 3231 Vineyard St., v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, c/o Stanley Cranston, Girard, and Idris A. Hall, 709 Miami St., complaint in excess of $25,000 for damages and injuries suffered in an auto accident on Dec. 20, 2016.

18-DP-1009 - Jeperdi S. Carr, 1614 N. Yellow Springs St., Apt. 106, v. Brandon A. Brown, 1016 Heard Ave., petition for civil stalking protection order.

18-DP-1010 - Stephanie Brown, 227 W. Jefferson St., v. Daaron L. Campbell, 638 S. Center St., petition for civil stalking protection order.

18-DS-1011 - Jill E. Anon, 2440 Greystone Lane, and David J. Anon, 2440 Greystone Lane, petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DP-1013 - Jennifer Harmon, 1314 E. High St., Apt. 2, v. Isaiha Frederick, 503 Chestnut Ave., petition for civil stalking protection order.


State of Ohio v. Miriah J. Hensley, convicted of attempted robbery, four years community control, 120 hours community service, $900 restitution.

State of Ohio v. Diori Ramey, convicted of criminal trespass, 30 days jail with credit for time served.

State of Ohio v. Stacy Tepfenhart, convicted of possession of heroin, 10 months prison with credit for jail time served.

State of Ohio v. Orville Lakes, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Angela Sue Brickman, stay of previously imposed jail sentence lifted and defendant to commence serving 90 days jail with credit for time served from Nov. 28.

State of Ohio v. McHale Thomas Kendall, convicted of failure to register a change of new address, nine months prison with credit for jail time served.

State of Ohio v. Trina Lynette Howard, community control continued due to violation.

State of Ohio v. Joshua M. Hayes, convicted of robbery, six years prison with credit for jail time served, three years post-release control mandatory, $900 restitution.

CACH, LLC, v. Cindy L. Marshall, judgment for $17,686.


Marriage Licenses

Courtney Sue McGowan, 20, 929 Mansfield Ave., student, and Adrian Micheal Neff, 18, 929 Mansfield Ave., student.


Property Transfers

Jesse R. Gould to Jesse R. and Heather L. Gould, 5935 Ansbaugh Road, New Carlisle; no fee.

Mark R. Longbrake to Olivia D. Thoele, 2812 Country Squire Dr., New Carlisle; $265,000.

Donald L. and Jo E. Moore to Lynn Miller, 157 Lawnview Ave., North Hampton; $95,000.

Loleta Love Perks to William Perks, 2752 Elm Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Lisa R. Gary Parker to Kim A. Weidel, 3315 Erter Dr., Springfield; $87,500.

Brenda D. Bauer to Danny L. and Judy J. Lehman, 911 Weybridge Dr., Springfield; $130,000.

Norman R. and Ladonna K. Lowe to Robby D. and Debbie S. Garrett, 826 S. Isabella St., Springfield; $20,000.

Jennifer Mustar to Carolyn Bowman, 1001 Mavor St., Springfield; no fee.

Aric C. Carper and Angela R. Lee to Kelsey A. Stowers Jr., 2207 Woodside Ave., Springfield; $79,000.

Aldon D. and Barbara D. Hayden to Jaesans Rental Properties LLC, 1633-1635 Mansfield Ave., Springfield; $15,000.

Blaze Bishop and Jessica Gordon to Kevin T. Croker, 1322-1324 Maryland Ave., Springfield; $29,000.

Dachaun Trent to Valerie Cooper, 1610-1612 Edwards Ave., Springfield; $4,000.

Shannon R. Taylor to Tyler R. Moss, 1728 Southern Pkwy., Springfield; $71,000.

David A. and Ashley N. Kell to John P. Derr and Danielle P. Workman, 126 Hampton Pl., Springfield; $122,000.

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