Clark County Municipal Court. Bill Lackey/Staff

Clark County Municipal Court cases


Rosalee M. Alfrey, 44, of 1631 Edwards Ave., OVI amended to physical control, guilty, 33 days jail with 30 days suspended, three days credit for time served for driver’s intervention program, six months probation, six months driver’s license suspension, fine and costs to be suspended upon completion of 112 hours community service, fined $375.

Damond D. Armstrong, 20, of 1119 Student Ave., receiving stolen property, dismissed.

Jason A. G. Boring, 42, of 1435 Selma Road, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Jessie T. Edwards, 33, of 927 Innisfallen Ave., assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Clarence L. Harris Jr., 40, of Yellow Springs, domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Melissa Hill, 44, of Kettering, possession of drugs, dismissed; possession of drugs, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Joseph Johnson Jr., 40, of 274 Johnson Ave., OVI amended to disregard of safety, guilty, 15 days jail with 15 days suspended, six months driver’s license suspension, fine and costs to be suspended upon completion of 80 hours community service, fined $375.

Brooke E. Lanham, 23, of 1204 Clifton Ave., domestic violence, dismissed.

Harley A. Leigh, 22, of 727 S. Burnett Road, theft, guilty, 180 days jail; driving under suspension, guilty; failure to stop at the scene of an accident, guilty, 180 days jail, consecutive; failure to control, guilty, $500 restitution by Dec. 11.

Justin W. Mathers, 28, of 1027 Warder St., obstructing official business, guilty, 14 days jail, credit for time served.

Joshua Cassidy Mattes, 26, of 1750 Baker Road, Lot 11, OVI, disregard of safety, dismissed.

Jonathan K. Perrin Jr., 31, of 1019 Wayne Ave., felonious assault/weapon, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Scott J. Randall, 38, of Dayton, OVI, guilty, 180 days jail, 12 months driver’s license suspension, fined $375.

Tessa M. Roberts, 27, of 717 N. Florence St., child endangering, dismissed - indicted by the grand jury.

Patrick D. Shediack Jr., 40, of 1803 Mound St., assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Michael K. Shellabarger, 40, of Dayton, tamper with evidence amended to obstructing official business, guilty, 90 days jail.

Trevor B. Toliver II, 28, of 632 W. Southern Ave., domestic violence, dismissed.

Bryan S. Weathers, 45, of 315 S. Burnett Road, distribution/drugs, possession of drugs, dismissed.

Jacob E. Willis, 40, of 2845 Columbus Road, Apt. #38, violation of temporary protection order, dismissed.

Christopher L. Boyer, 34, of 640 Cedar St., possession of drugs, dismissed.

Samantha Lynn Bradshaw, 19, of 354 E. McCreight Ave., pass bad check, guilty.

Andrew Duane Burton, 58, of 1011 Oak St., domestic violence, dismissed.

Craig H. Gilbreath Jr., 18, of 1929 Hatcher Dr., Apt. G, possession of drugs, obstructing official business, dismissed.

Jamie D. Lavender, 26, of 121 S. Western Ave., Apt. ½, two counts distribution/drugs, two counts possession of drugs, tamper with evidence, dismissed.

Matthew L. Louden, 32, of South Charleston, criminal damaging, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Kaitlyn M. Messer, 22, of 164 Brent Dr., W., Apt. F, OVI, head lights, dismissed.

Cierra D. Mougey, 25, of 1755 S. Burnett Road, OVI, driving under suspension, speed, dismissed.

Dustin R. Sloan, 33, of 317 S. Shaffer St., domestic violence, dismissed.

Adrianne S. Allen, 32, of 638 S. Clairmont Ave., resisting arrest, OVI, dismissed.

Jennifer L. Chamberlin, 35, of 2567 St. Paris Pike, theft amended to unauthorized use/property, guilty, fined $50.

Ronald Nelson Druckenbroad, 47, of 236 St. George Pl., failure to control, dismissed.

Edwin Orndorff Emrich Jr., 43, of 832 E. Southern Ave., theft, guilty, 30 days jail, credit for time served; obstructing official business, dismissed.

Amanda K. Meadows, 27, of 814 East St., domestic violence, dismissed.

Arthur A. Merideth, 38, of South Charleston, child endangering, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Kristopher M. Morgan, 42, of 403 N. Yellow Springs St., assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Robert Wile, 35, of New Carlisle, possession of drugs, illegal conveyance into a detention facility, dismissed.


Paul J. Abston, 23, address unknown, domestic violence, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $1,000.

Gregory J. Bacon, 21, of 201 Rosewood Ave., criminal damaging, innocent, continued.

Anthony T. Fenwick, 45, of 1037 Middle St., theft, innocent, continued.

Amber N. Foley, 33, of 1427 Seminole Ave., child endangering, innocent, continued, bond $1,000.

Sean P. Foley, 45, of 1427 Seminole Ave., child endangering, innocent, continued, bond $1,000.

Joshua G. Gawlikowski, 27, address unknown, theft, guilty, 180 days jail.

Anthony D. Harris, 21, of 418 W. Liberty St., domestic violence, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $1,000.

Adrian R. Moore, 27, of Dayton, OVI, guilty, three days jail, six months driver’s license suspension, assessed costs $375.

Ronald L. Moore, 48, address unknown, breaking and entering, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $10,000.

Jessica M. Penwell, 38, of 2110 Hillside Ave., possession of drugs, innocent, continued.

Edward Eugene Shoffner III, 31, of 3311 St. Paris Pike, theft, innocent, continued.

Tonya M. Waugh, 49, of 421 S. Yellow Springs St., theft, innocent, continued.

Jessica A. York, 30, of 18 E. Grand Ave., theft, innocent, continued.